AbeTech Acts as Trusted Advisor for Aerospace Manufacturer


A manufacturer of custom metal parts for aerospace companies came to AbeTech with a desire to increase efficiency in their plants. They wanted to show clients that they were a leading-edge company, and their paper and pencil tracking method was not meeting this need. The manufacturer needed a new way to track products through each step of their manufacturing process to provide better, more accurate lead-times to clients.

The manufacturer was in the process of installing a new ERP system, but lacked the knowledge and experience to know exactly how the ERP system should be set up and which hardware and bar code labeling format would pair well with the system. They knew they had to have mobile terminals for this new ERP system that would be able to withstand the harsh environment of a machining facility. The terminals also needed industrial printers with durable build-quality without sacrificing ease of use and simplicity.


Enter AbeTech, a premier solution provider with 25 years of experience in the AIDC industry. The first discussion AbeTech had with the manufacturer was about which mobile device would best meet their needs. Together, the manufacturer and AbeTech considered the T1550 11-inch and the 8-inch T8650 tablets from MobileDemand. The manufacturer tested both, and ended up comparing the long term cost of both models. The 1550 had a lower sticker price, but long term in a harsh environment, the replaceable battery, rugged design and 3 year bumper-to-bumper warranty of the T8650 made the smaller tablet the better option for their needs.

Next, AbeTech walked the facility with the manufacturer and helped decide the most efficient locations for each mobile print station. Each print station is equipped with a Zebra GX420 desktop printer and the manufacturer purchases their labels directly from AbeTech.


Ultimately, the manufacturer couldn’t be happier with the new tablets, printers and ERP software. They appreciated how AbeTech walked them through each step of the process: along the way suggesting ways to increase efficiency and accuracy of their inventory tracking.

Lead-times are much more accurate and clients love the ability to know where their items are at any stage in the manufacturing process. In fact, the deployment was so successful, the manufacturer is seeing an increase in business.

Installing a new ERP software system and haven’t considered hardware, yet? Talk to AbeTech first. We can make sure you are informed of the necessary preparation before deployment. We’ll help you identify things you might miss that can cause serious delays down the road. AbeTech wants to be your trusted advisor for mobile tablets, print stations and ERP software configurations. Contact a representative today to get started.


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