Paper Manufacturer Adds Flexibility, Reduces Cost with Getac F110 Rugged Tablets for Fork Trucks

A paper manufacturer in business for 100 years needed a refresh of their vehicle mounted computers on the fork trucks in their warehouses. The manufacturer is part of a family of companies that span many markets, including paper and packaging and building products for workplace environments. AbeTech provided and serviced the company’s data collection equipment in the past, so we were familiar with the environment and had the experience necessary to help the company make a smart, cost saving-decision for their upgrade.


The manufacturer was using vehicle mounted computers to run their WMS software and picking/receiving operations. The devices were functional, but showing signs of age: slower performance, less responsive touchscreens and physical wear.

Like most computers in the "vehicle mounted computers" category, the old computers were also permanently mounted to the vehicle mount docks. This limited the flexibility of workers when they needed to move around the warehouse. It was time to re-think the hardware on their fleet of fork trucks.

The company wanted a solution that was Windows 10 ready, had a display size 10-12 inches and the included option of removing the computer from the mount. They didn’t necessarily need top-of-the-line specs—lack of cellular radios or GPS would not be an issue and 8GB of memory was enough for their software—they just needed reliable computers that could fit in their current vehicle mount docks.


AbeTech listened to all these recommendations from the company and brought some demo units on site to test. We recommended the F110 Rugged Tablet from Getac. Not only does this unit have the required 12 inch display and Windows 10, AbeTech keeps Getac tablets in stock and our engineers have experience designing custom mounting solutions.

We were able to retrofit new Gamber-Johnson tablet docks to fit with the previous mounting solution. This saved time and cost for the company since they did not need to worry about selecting and installing new mounts. Plus, the new retrofitted docks are able to power the rugged Getac tablets directly from the fork trucks' power supply.

To pair with their new rugged tablets, AbeTech also supplied the company with Zebra 9200 Mobile Computers for scanning and data entry which are wired to the tablets using USB. The scanners are attached to the fork trucks with durable, retractable cords so the scanners don’t get dropped or damaged, and everything charges through the vehicle’s Lynd power supply.


The fork truck operators and floor managers couldn’t be more pleased. The new tablets have the same workflow that their previous hardware used, so no new training was required. Workers simply have the added flexibility of removing the tablet when needed, and the ease-of-use that comes with Windows 10’s software optimization and a connected mobile computer/scanner in the Zebra MC9200s.

Getac Tablets come with three year bumper-to-bumper warranties, which means a $400 value compared to other options. AbeTech has supplied similar Getac solutions to many clients. Overall, the mounting solution, retrofitted docks and rugged tablet option the company chose was cheaper than going with a dedicated vehicle mounted solution.

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to get more flexibility from your vehicle mounted computers, reach out to an AbeTech representative today. We will work with you to create a custom solution that is based on your specific needs and work environment. 


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