Automated labeling systems


AbeTech’s fully automated labeling solutions empower manufacturing, logistics, retail distribution, and healthcare organizations to reduce costs, increase throughput, and prevent labeling errors.

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Address modern labeling demands with cutting-edge automation.

AbeTech's automated labeling systems leverage the latest in RFID, vision systems, and integration technologies, offering precise, scalable solutions that boost efficiency and set your operations apart from the competition.

Eliminate human error caused by manual processes

Manual labeling is prone to mistakes, leading to operational disruptions, product recalls, and loss of trust. AbeTech's automated solutions eliminate these errors by reducing human intervention, ensuring more accurate and reliable operations.

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Automated Labeling 2 - Food Label Product

Save thousands by avoiding non-compliance

Non-compliance with regulatory standards can cost certain businesses upwards of $500,000/month. AbeTech’s automated solutions ensure that all labeling meets current regulations, which is essential for avoiding fines and ensuring market access.


"AbeTech expertly streamlined our labeling process, enhancing both operational speed and accuracy. Their automated solutions helped us meet compliance demands seamlessly."


Reclaim floor space for revenue-generating opportunities

Thanks to the compact footprint of AbeTech’s automated labeling solutions, you can free up valuable real estate in your production area and warehouse. Repurpose the extra floor space and generate up to millions of dollars in additional revenue via automated palletizing or additional production lines.

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Automated Labeling 4 - Label Applicator Line

Reduce bottlenecks that limit throughput

Manual labeling processes can slow down operations, causing delays in production and distribution. AbeTech's automation technology eliminates the labor-intensive work that leads to bottlenecks, ultimately increasing your labeling speed and throughput and enabling your business to meet high-volume demands.


Features designed with your business needs in mind


Advanced labeling automation

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology in automated labeling, including RFID and vision systems integration, AbeTech solutions are at the forefront of industry innovations.


Seamless integration

Our systems can be easily integrated with your existing Warehouse Management System (WMS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Quality Management System (QMS).


Integrated data capture & analysis

Gain actionable insights to refine your operations. AbeTech is committed to providing you with data-driven insights to support continuous improvement.


High-durability labels for harsh environments

We offer solutions for applying durable labels resistant to outdoor conditions and handling, ensuring that crucial information remains legible and intact.


Labeling for custom-fabricated assemblies

AbeTech delivers specialized stations designed to print and apply labels on custom-fabricated products, ensuring precise label placement and accurate information according to your unique specifications.


Precision verification technologies

Enhance label accuracy with AbeTech's precision verification, powered by advanced vision systems and real-time scanning. Keep an integrated database of workflow images, aiding in compliance, reporting, and recall investigations.


Where AbeTech meets your automated labeling needs

  • Pallet and case labeling: Automated labeling ensures pallets and cases are clearly marked for streamlined warehouse management, facilitating easy storage and retrieval.
  • Shipping and receiving operations: Simplified sorting and tracking in logistics with automated application of barcode or RFID labels, enhancing shipping and receiving efficiency.
  • Packaged goods weighing and labeling: Accurate labeling for compliance and minimization of giveaways in food manufacturing.
  • Meat and poultry compliance: Meeting health and safety standards with accurate labeling in the meat industry.
  • Beverage bottling and labeling operations: High-throughput labeling for beverage bottles with precision and quality.
  • Bakery item portioning and packaging: Addressing variability in bakery operations with dynamic labeling systems.
  • Automated component labeling in electronics manufacturing: Precision labeling on electronic components for assembly and QA processes.
  • Automated warehouse pallet labeling: Streamlining outbound logistics with automatic shipping label application.
  • Mixed pallet labeling for retail and grocery distribution: Enhancing supply chain efficiency with flexible labeling applications.
  • Pharmaceutical batch labeling: Critical labeling for compliance and traceability in pharmaceuticals.

Why AbeTech?


Comprehensive turn-key solutions

At AbeTech, we pride ourselves on being more than just a supplier; we are your complete partner in automated labeling. Rather than just selling automated labeling machines, we sell turnkey, full-scope solutions that are ready to be integrated into your processes.


Error reduction reimagined

While all automated labeling solutions aim to reduce human error, many fall short in offering a holistic approach. AbeTech incorporates advanced RFID and vision system integrations to not only minimize the risk of errors but also provide real-time data to enable continuous process improvement.


Compliance as a priority

Don’t settle for piecemeal approaches that can leave your business vulnerable to costly penalties. AbeTech's automated labeling systems are designed to prioritize compliance, ensuring that every label meets the latest regulatory standards to protect your business from fines.


Niche industry experience

With a proven track record and over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, AbeTech’s tailored solutions are backed by industry-specific knowledge, allowing us to provide unique insights and optimizations.


Flexible and scalable systems

Designed to grow with your business, AbeTech’s solutions are scalable and adaptable to increasing production volumes or new product lines, ensuring that your investment continues to deliver value over time.


Robust support and maintenance services

AbeTech’s commitment to client success extends beyond implementation, offering robust support services that ensure your systems operate at peak efficiency with minimal downtime.

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Frequently asked questions

Can AbeTech create a customized automated labeling system for my business?

Absolutely. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, AbeTech takes pride in creating custom labeling systems tailored to your business needs, compliance requirements, and existing systems.

What is the implementation timeline for an automated labeling system?

Typical deployments range from a few weeks to several months, depending on complexity and scale.

What kind of post-implementation support do you offer?

We provide comprehensive support plans, including 24/7 assistance, regular updates, and on-site training.