Ensure Only Accurate & Readable Barcodes Leave Your Facility

AbeTech offers premium barcode verifier solutions, equipped with advanced technology and expert support, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and compliance across manufacturing, logistics, retail distribution, and healthcare industries.

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Leverage advanced barcode verification technology to protect your business.

AbeTech’s barcode verifier scanners use advanced technology such as high-quality optics, advanced algorithms, intelligent image processing, real-time data capture, and machine learning to ensure that barcodes are verified reliably and efficiently and are compliant with your symbology specifications.

Choose between a high-performance handheld solution or a fixed-position inline solution based on your verification needs.

Don’t just verify barcodes; diagnose and improve them too

AbeTech’s advanced verification technology doesn’t just read barcodes; it diagnoses and grades them based on quality parameters. Our barcode readers can identify problems with failing codes and provide the information needed to improve accuracy for future barcodes down the line.

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Keep your business global trade-ready

Inaccurate labeling can jeopardize compliance with global standards like GS1, ISO, and ANSI. AbeTech's label verification systems ensure that every barcode meets stringent regulatory requirements, providing compliance assurance and empowering your business to confidently engage in international trade.


"Thanks to AbeTech's expertise in sourcing and supporting barcode verifiers, we've optimized our quality control processes. Their guidance in selecting the right verifier and ongoing support have been instrumental in improving our efficiency."


Safeguard your reputation in high-stakes industries

In industries like pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturing, there is no room for error. AbeTech's label verification systems ensure the highest standards of barcode accuracy and reliability so you avoid legal complications, fines, and reputational damage while meeting the rigorous demands of your industry.

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Verify ALL labels efficiently, not just a sample  

Gain instant feedback on barcode print quality and check every label as it moves down the line. Unlike offline models where random sampling is often used to keep pace with production, our fixed-position inline verifiers ensure no barcode quality issue goes undetected while also increasing verification efficiency.

Cut costs by reducing labeling errors

Rework, returns, and recalls due to mislabeled products add up to expensive costs for your business. AbeTech’s barcode label verification solutions help you ensure inaccurate barcodes never go undetected or unaddressed. 

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Handheld barcode verifiers

A cost-effective solution offering mobility and flexibility for spot-checks and varied scanning environments.

  • Mobility: Enables on-the-go verification tasks, allowing users to perform spot-checks at various points in the production or distribution process.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for scanning in diverse environments, like warehouses and field operations, providing versatility in verification applications.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface and ergonomic design ensure simple operation and comfortable handling during extended use.
  • Rapid Deployment: Quick setup and deployment make handheld verifiers ideal for ad-hoc verification needs or for organizations with dynamic operational requirements.

In-line barcode verifiers

An automated, consistent, and highly reliable verification solution for high-volume production settings and high-stakes industries. 

  • Automation: Provides automated verification capabilities integrated directly into production lines, ensuring continuous and efficient verification of barcodes without manual intervention.
  • Consistency: Delivers consistent and reliable verification results, reducing variability and ensuring barcode quality across all products in high-volume production settings.
  • High Speed: Capable of processing large volumes of barcodes rapidly, maintaining production line speeds, and preventing bottlenecks.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing production equipment and control systems, enabling seamless integration into automated manufacturing environments.

Features designed with your business needs in mind


Advanced imaging technology

High-quality optics accurately verify barcodes on a variety of surfaces and conditions.


Flexible lighting options

Adjustable lighting can handle different substrates and environments, ensuring optimal clarity and precision.


Real-time quality reports

Generate a detailed report for each verification to ensure traceability and compliance.


Robust integration support

Our systems easily integrate with existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and other production software for streamlined operations.

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Diverse compatibility

Compatible with various types of barcodes including 1D, 2D, and DPM, ensuring a broad application range.


Inline verification capabilities

Seamlessly integrate into production lines for continuous monitoring and grading of barcodes.


Where AbeTech meets your labeling needs

  • Retail and consumer goods manufacturing: Ensure accurate labeling of products with UPC/EAN barcodes to minimize scanning errors and enhance customer satisfaction at the point of sale.
  • Manufacturing and logistics: Verify shipping labels with multiple 1D and 2D codes to prevent chargebacks and ensure accurate tracking and tracing of goods throughout the supply chain.
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals: Validate barcodes on medical devices and pharmaceutical products to comply with FDA regulations, UDI requirements, and track-and-trace initiatives, ensuring patient safety and product authenticity.
  • Automotive and manufacturing: Ensure compliance with automotive industry standards such as AIAG for part marking and labeling, improving traceability and quality control in manufacturing processes.
  • Food and beverage: Verify barcodes on food packaging to comply with GS1 standards for product identification and traceability, ensuring food safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Electronics and technology: Validate barcodes on electronic components and devices to support inventory management, warranty tracking, and product authentication in high-tech industries.
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Why AbeTech?


Custom solutions, perfected for your business

Our experience with 25% of the Fortune 500 and deep expertise in manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics allows us to craft custom verification solutions to meet unique compliance standards, application requirements, workflows, and data management needs.


Expert support and guidance every step of the way

AbeTech's barcode verification experts offer comprehensive support, from initial consultation to proactive system optimization. We'll help you choose the right solution, ensure seamless installation, provide thorough training, and deliver ongoing technical support to keep your systems performing at their best.


Scalable solutions that grow with your business

Scale seamlessly with AbeTech's flexible barcode verification solutions. Our systems give you the freedom to validate efficacy through pilot projects and transition from handheld barcode verifiers to advanced inline verification systems as your business evolves.


Multi-industry expertise for industry-specific solutions

AbeTech’s experts have extensive experience delivering verification solutions for manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail, food and beverage, and more. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries, enhancing your unique operational workflows.


Innovative technology partnerships

Collaborating with leading technology providers, AbeTech delivers state-of-the-art verification solutions. Our partnerships ensure you benefit from the latest advancements in barcode verification technology.


Minimized waste with sustainable solutions

Our barcode verification solutions help minimize waste by reducing misprints and non-compliance, supporting your sustainability initiatives while ensuring accurate, efficient labeling.

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Frequently asked questions

What are barcode verifiers, and how do they fit into AbeTech's solutions?

Barcode verifiers are specialized devices used to assess the quality and compliance of printed barcodes with industry standards and specifications. At AbeTech, barcode verifiers are integral components of our solutions, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of data capture for our clients.

How do barcode verifiers offered by AbeTech work?

AbeTech's barcode verifiers use optical scanning technology to analyze various parameters of printed barcodes, such as contrast, edge definition, and symbol structure. These verifiers provide accurate assessments of barcode quality, helping organizations maintain high standards of data capture.

What types of barcodes can AbeTech's barcode verifiers assess?

AbeTech's 1D and 2D barcode verifiers can verify linear barcodes and matrix codes, including symbologies like UPC, Code 39, Data Matrix, and QR codes. Our verifiers are versatile tools that accommodate diverse barcode types and applications.

What are the key features to consider when choosing a barcode verifier from AbeTech?

Important features include supported barcode symbologies, compliance with ISO and ANSI standards, ease of use, portability, and connectivity options. AbeTech offers a range of barcode verifiers with customizable features to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Are AbeTech's barcode verifiers portable?

Yes, many of AbeTech's barcode verifiers are portable devices that can be easily transported and used in various locations, including production floors, warehouses, and distribution centers. Our portable verifiers offer flexibility and convenience for on-the-go barcode verification.

Can AbeTech's barcode verifiers be integrated into automated production lines?

Yes, AbeTech's barcode verifiers offer integration capabilities with industrial automation systems, enabling real-time verification of barcodes on high-speed production lines. Our verifiers seamlessly integrate with existing workflows, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in barcode verification processes.

How accurate are AbeTech's barcode verifiers in assessing barcode quality?

AbeTech's barcode verifiers provide accurate and reliable assessments of barcode quality, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. Our verifiers help organizations maintain high levels of quality control and assurance in their operations.

What role do AbeTech's barcode verifiers play in quality control and assurance?

AbeTech's barcode verifiers help organizations maintain high standards of quality control by ensuring that printed barcodes meet specified criteria for readability and accuracy. Our verifiers are essential tools for verifying barcode quality and compliance with industry standards.

Are AbeTech's barcode verifiers suitable for small-scale and large-scale operations?

Yes, AbeTech's barcode verifiers are available in various configurations suitable for both small-scale and large-scale operations. Whether our clients require barcode verification for a single workstation or an entire production facility, we offer scalable solutions to meet their needs.

Where can clients purchase barcode verifiers from AbeTech?

Clients can purchase barcode verifiers from AbeTech directly or through our network of authorized distributors. We offer a range of barcode verification solutions backed by comprehensive support and expertise to ensure our clients' success in implementing barcode verification processes.