Automate asset tracking to provide accurate visibility of your most important critical assets. Improve productivity and efficiency across your entire enterprise.


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Take control of your assets.

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Say goodbye to downtime and manual processes

Keep track of all the business-critical tools and assets across your organization. Make downtime spent looking for misplaced or unused assets a thing of the past with the latest in asset tracking technology.

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Apply actionable data to improve workflows

When you know the condition, state and location of your assets, you can make intelligent business decisions. Use actionable data to simplify purchasing, maintenance and usage decisions.

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Improve your return on investment

Automate the tracking of your assets to save time and money. Total visibility of all your tools, materials and assets leads to efficiency and productivity gains across the enterprise.

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Locationing solutions for asset tracking.


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Safety Checklist

Automate compliance, calibration, and safety checks for your most important tools, materials, and assets.

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Material Tracking

Simplify your assembly and repair operations with a mix of barcode, RFID, and other locationing solutions. Data from upstream and downstream material flow helps you make informed decisions on your work processes.

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Track and Trace

All of your assets—from connected endpoints, to vehicles, products, and parts—are accounted for and tracked. When your inventory is always up to date, you’ll experience true optimization of your manufacturing operations.

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AbeTech continues to provide the absolute best in response time and info provided. I got a response within the same minute I sent the request and the request was fulfilled in 8 minutes… TOP NOTCH!”

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