Your mobile systems are in good hands with Device Lifecycle Management

Is your business dependent on capturing data at top speed?

Let me put it another way. What would happen if your mobile data collection system broke down for an entire day—or a week?

All that wasted time and money... It’s too horrible to imagine, much less experience.

These days, instant access to data is standard. Lightning-fast communication between office and field applications is essential. If your business isn’t operating at full throttle, production can fall behind all too quickly.

A reliable, well-maintained mobile data collection system is crucial to staying competitive. You need the right hardware and software, a smart data management plan, and technical support.

Whew, it’s an ambitious undertaking. To streamline the process, minimize risk, and stay sane, consider hiring experts to deploy and manage your mobile data capture technology.

Our experience, your competitive advantage

AbeTech offers a comprehensive service called Device Lifecycle Management. We’re there for you from start to finish. We’ll help you achieve your business objectives, effectively deploy your mobile devices, ensure security and maintain constant availability.

It’s a three-phase process. Here’s what you can expect.

Phase I – Design

    • Requirements Gathering

      AbeTech will begin with a formal requirements-gathering exercise. We’ll work with you to define your business, user and technical requirements. This lays the foundation of the management program.

    • Hardware Selection and Sourcing

      AbeTech partners with industry-leading data collection manufacturers. We can help you choose the best hardware on the market. This begins during the Requirements Gathering process. If necessary, we’ll follow up with a hardware demonstration and pilot process.

    • Device Management

      This software helps you deploy and manage your data collection equipment. AbeTech uses Soti MobiControl. This industry-leading model allows for hardware configuration without software installation or additional hardware overhead.

    • Phase II – Management

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Customized for your company, the SLA sets and manages roles, responsibilities and expectations.

  • Server Administration

    AbeTech provides full server support. This includes server software patch management, server version releases, upgrades, setup and testing hosted in the cloud.

  • Package Administration

    AbeTech builds packages based on your requirements. These are used during the deployment process, following a testing and approval process. Changes can be made through the Change Request process. All changes are managed through a Change Management Process.

  • Deployment

    AbeTech will help you handle the deployment process. This service includes loading the golden image utilizing Soti, labeling devices, kitting and shipping equipment directly to end users.

  • Device Support

    When you file a service case to our fully staffed department, the AbeTech service desk will assign and respond to your request within four hours. If a resolution cannot be found within the SLA timeframe, the case will be escalated to a Systems Engineer. 

  • Phase III – Support

    • RMA Service — Break/Fix

      AbeTech’s client center provides you with a single source for your repair needs, regardless of equipment manufacturer. Access the website 24/7 to receive shipping and mailing instructions. AbeTech will reconfigure the broken hardware and ship it back to you quickly, specific to the Service Level Agreement.

    • Hot Swap

      While your equipment is in for repair, use the AbeTech Hot Swap program to continue with business as usual. We’ll ship a replacement overnight to you from the “spares pool,” so you can continue data management without downtime.

That’s AbeTech’s Device Lifecycle Management program in a nutshell. Let us take care of the hardware, software, management, and technical issues. So you can have peace of mind—and focus on other important business matters.

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