Maintaining the Production Data Flow from Mobile Devices – Part 2

AbeTech’s Three Phase Management Solution Build

  • Phase One: Consultation, Planning and Testing

Engineers meet with the customer to learn about their production process and share the benefits of their own expert knowledge. They gather process data and work together to devise an appropriate device management solution for that firm’s particular business, user and technical needs. Typically this involves selecting hardware and a hardware provider. When necessary, the hardware is installed and tested in a pilot project.

The use of Soti’s MobiControl model removes the need for software installation and eliminates extra hardware overheads. Cloud-based data management solutions are preferred for reasons of economy, reliability and secure data backup. However, if this is impractical an on-premises server solution is implemented.

Maintaining the Production Data Flow from Mobile Devices
Last week we discussed the first phase of AbeTech’s Three Phase Management Solution Build, today we want to continue with Phase two and three:

  • Phase Two: System Deployment and Administration

After selecting the best device management system, the project moves to the deployment stage and the drawing up of procedures to ensure operational continuity. Each employee’s role and responsibilities are clearly delineated in a formal Service Level Agreement (SLA):

AbeTech oversees all the stages of the management system deployment. They also assume responsibility for both server and package administration. The use of Golden Image Best Practice combined with Change Management Process helps them provide the best possible version control.

  • Phase Three: Around the Clock Support

Even the most expertly designed and setup mobile data collection solutions can encounter unexpected problems. If issues arise highly-qualified assistance must be available within a reasonable period. Customers are helped to avoid data management downtime with:

  • A commitment to respond to all device support requests within four hours, and the intervention of a systems engineer if an immediate solution is not provided.

  • The quick online receipt of shipping and mailing instructions for equipment that needs replacing (24/7).

  • Hot Swaps with a replacement unit shipped to the customer overnight while their own equipment is being repaired.

Don’t be satisfied with Anything Less than a Comprehensive Solution
Failure to effectively reduce the risks of mobile device data collection failures can easily negate the productivity advantages of these advanced technologies. The dividends of choosing a comprehensive solution are soon apparent in terms of smooth flowing production, system security and the freeing management from troubleshooting hassle.

AbeTech’s expertise in data collection management and their impressive customer service record make them the ideal partner for achieving these objectives. Please contact them by phone or email for additional information.


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