Protect the health of your employees and guests with the latest fever screening, proximity sensing and contact tracing technologies.





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Protect the health of your employees and guests with a simplified approach to employee safety.

Get your employees back to work safely.

Your workforce is your most important asset. Install an accurate, affordable employee safety solution and upgrade your mobile technology to protect employees and gain peace of mind.

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U | S | E

The U.S.E. Methodology helps you understand your business case and identify the right technology to protect employee safety.

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  • Needs Assessment
  • Site Survey
  • Solution Design
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  • Options Review
  • Pilot and Demo
  • Turnkey Installation
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  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Systems Integration
  • Calibration Support
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Fever Detection

Safeguard your facilities by installing fever screening systems at critical entry points and chokepoints. Get back to work faster with minimal setup time and operator training.

  • Quickly install
  • Installed in key entry points
  • Enables social distancing
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Proximity Sensing

Implement social distancing guidelines and build confidence in employee safety measures using existing mobile devices or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IoT bridges and event logging software that tracks employee to employee contact.

  • Track employees enterprise wide
  • Gain visibility to proximity event trends
  • Report and coach on observed behaviors

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Contact Tracing

Be prepared at the first sign of exposure and implement guidelines for worker safety. Trace and log proximity with either unique employee IDs or anonymized user IDs.

  • Historical trace reports
  • Analytics on employee movement
  • Proximity database with live dashboards

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Mobile Devices

Modern mobile devices can help you design best practices to keep employees at a distance and reduce physical contact with surfaces.  From extended-range scanners to wearable computers and handhelds, to mobile printers, find innovative ways to increase productivity while promoting worker safety.

  • Promote social distancing
  • Reduce physical contact with surfaces
  • Optimize worker productivity

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AbeTech provided exponential support during a difficult ERP install. The team worked on multiple tickets at amazing speed and gave great input on how to resolve our issues.”



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