Creating a Safer Workplace: Site Surveys and Mobile Technologies for Employee Safety

Even with vaccinations on the horizon in the coming months, COVID-19 is going to be around well into 2021 and possibly beyond.

As a result, many employers are implementing long-term safety policies and new processes to minimize risks to their business and their employees. It’s something we’ve seen among many clients as we’ve helped them implement mobile technologies that assist in this process.

For example, many companies are implementing fever detection systems at their workplace entrances, to detect and screen employees and visitors who may be exhibiting a high temperature—a symptom of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Some of our clients are also implementing proximity sensing systems for social distancing, using Zebra mobile computers with Bluetooth® Low Energy and Wi-Fi locating technology to encourage and monitor social distancing.

Businesses can also use Zebra’s MotionWorks® Proximity to enable real-time and historical contract tracing, so they can quickly respond when an employee tests positive or has been exposed to COVID-19. By having access to real-time and accurate reports on any close contacts in their facilities and workflows, a business can quickly identify and quarantine many other employees who may have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace.

We’ve also worked with our clients to ensure they’re following best practices and using the right mobile technologies and procedures to keep their devices sanitized and minimize physical contact with devices and surfaces.

All of this has certainly posed new challenges for our team and our clients, but it has also been an exciting opportunity to help companies review, revisit, and rethink their processes and workflows for greater workplace safety.

In the long run, even after COVID-19 is finally brought under control, smart businesses will apply the lessons they’ve learned well into the future to create healthier and safer workplaces. By learning and adapting their workflows and processes during COVID-19, they’ll be better prepared to minimize future disruptions and lost productivity due to seasonal flus, future pandemics, or even the everyday risks of colds or stomach viruses.

As part of this learning and adaptive process, our team at AbeTech has helped many companies implement best practices and new mobile solutions for better workplace safety by starting with a business needs and risk assessment as well as a site survey.

It’s all part of our U.S.E. Methodology, which helps companies develop and understand the business case and identify the right technologies to protect employee and workplace safety.

The Three Main Components of Our U.S.E. Approach:


Our AbeTech safety and technology experts work with your business’s leaders to conduct a thorough needs assessment, and we can also conduct an on-site evaluation to assess your facilities and your current processes and risk factors.

We then use these assessments to recommend and design potential technology solutions to meet those business needs and deliver outstanding results.


Once we have solutions and system designs to recommend, we review those options with you and work through any budget or other key considerations. Typically, we also provide a demo and conduct a pilot test with you to validate the correct solution and the results you can expect.

Once approved, we provide a turnkey installation of your solution by our highly knowledgeable and experienced experts.


As we get your new system deployed, we also integrate it with your other systems, provide any configuration or calibration services, and provide training to transfer system knowledge to your team and ensure a smooth transition.

And, as always, you can turn to AbeTech for reliable and professional long-term support for any system we help you deploy.

Start Your Site Survey and Assessment with a Free Consultation

By starting with a simple phone call and then a site survey and assessment of your business needs, we can help you identify the best ways to improve workplace safety, encourage compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, and create a safer and more productivity environment for years to come.

To learn more and get started, contact us now to request a consultation.


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