Stay Ahead of the Competition: The Future of Field Operations

Zebra Technologies has completed a survey of the field operations marketplace. IT and operations professionals in the following market segments responded to the survey:

  • Field service
  • Fleet management
  • Field sales
  • Direct store delivery
  • Merchandise courier services

The survey compared where each company’s operations were in 2019 and where they planned to be by 2023. If you’re in charge of a field operation, listen up! These trends will define who is leading the way and who is playing catch up as we head toward 2023.

Standardize and consolidate your mobile technology and support enterprise-wide

Smart companies are putting mobile-first strategies in place today. Devices like rugged mobile computers and business tablets can not only boost the productivity of your employees, but also increase the efficiency and accuracy of inventory, merchandising and last-mile delivery.

Once you have a standardized fleet of the latest technology, AbeTech can help you set up mobile device management tools and maintenance contracts so you always have a pulse on the status and location of your devices.

Routinely evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your mobile technology

Of the mobile-first organizations who responded to the survey, 86% are conducting routine analyses of the true cost of their mobile technology. TCO is something AbeTech takes very seriously when discussing mobile strategy and suggesting new technology to our clients.

It’s important to note as well that nearly half the respondents of the survey are having conversations about application development and device management and support. When you work with AbeTech, all these considerations can be handled in-house by our Professional Services and Application Development experts.

Embrace emerging technologies such as sensors, vision systems, RFID and intelligent labels

To stay competitive in the future landscape of field operations, you will need to start embracing emerging technologies. A whopping 96% of survey participants have plans to implement smart technologies by 2023.

AbeTech’s Industrial Equipment team lives on the cutting edge of these emerging technologies. We can show you the most cost-effective ways to use sensors, RFID and intelligent labels to increase quality control and boost efficiency using real-time data and analytics.   

Are you prepared for the future of field operations?

Whether these concepts are new to your organization, or if you have teams in place that are already discussing these topics, reach out to AbeTech. We will partner with you to make sure you’re prepared for the future of field operations.


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