The Process Your Packages Go Through to Arrive On-time

Whether it's a last-minute gift for a birthday or groceries for tonight's dinner, you expect your order to be on your doorstep when you need. Honeywell solutions are part of every step of the process from advanced logistics, innovative technology, and tools used by dedicated associates. The following is a look at how Honeywell gets involved in having your orders arrive on-time:

The First Mile

Package Drop-Off. The customer brings their item to a package drop off point. Using a Honeywell handheld computer, the clerk scans the item and then prints a label using a Honeywell label printer. The package is on its way – making its first mile simpler, easier, and more accurate. And with a track-and-trace solution from Honeywell or one of our partners, the package can easily be followed throughout its journey.


Sorting and Networking. Automated systems from Honeywell Intelligratged® and Transnorm, along with Honeywell Voice technology, wearable devices, and vehicle-mounted computers, help DC workers quickly and accurately pick, pack, sort, and measure parcels of all shapes and sizes to efficiently route them to their destination.

Pre-Delivery Vehicle Checks. Honeywell Voice Maintenance and Inspections solutions help streamline vehicle inspections and speed documentation and compliance workflows with the power of voice technology. The result is fewer delayed deliveries due to unplanned vehicle downtime – not to mention help reduce costs and improved driver safety.

Preparing the Delivery Driver. Honeywell and Integrated Partner Solutions delivery drivers preview their schedules, communicate with dispatch, and dynamically adjust their routes using satellite navigation on their rugged handheld computers. This replaces error-prone paperwork, enables real-time parcel journey visibility, and improves first-time delivery.

The Last Mile

Delighting Your Customers. Delivery drivers use Honeywell’s rugged handheld computers and mobile printers because they withstand the toughest weather conditions and enable on-time delivery, every time. They also allow drivers to deliver value-added services to the customer – such as repairing or ordering a replacement for an item that arrives damaged. That’s the kind of service that engenders true customer loyalty.

Enabling Easy Returns. Honeywell handheld computers and label printers simplify returns for the customer and drop-off location alike. Customers can avoid waiting in line by using a Honeywell all-in-one kiosk, where they can look up their shipment, scan return information, and print their label without assistance from a clerk.

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