Find your niche. Reap the benefits of a vertical market

Are you hearing a lot of buzz about vertical markets?

What’s a vertical market?

Vertical markets focus on a specific industry. A business that offers goods or services to a particular trade, profession or group of customers with specialized needs is a vertical market.

Vertical markets are also called niche markets. Vertical or niche markets meet the needs of a particular industry, such as manufacturing or distribution.

Each market can also be broken into niche verticals. Government has a wide variety of markets, such as candidates and offices.

Now, where exactly does your business fall? It might seem simple. But what if you are in the food and beverage industry and manufacture your own goods and products? This is where it can get complicated.

Benefits of vertical markets

Belonging to a vertical market could be your biggest competitive differentiator. In a tough economy, there are more than likely hundreds of companies just like yours. In belonging to a specific vertical market with a targeted reach, you have the ability to excel in pricing power, brand recognition and a solid client base.

Market to your niche market and identify mobile solutions

When it comes to marketing your identified vertical market, keep this in mind. Your main priority is to identify, qualify and prioritize your mobile solutions that will return the highest investment. Secondly, make sure to accurately profile the vertical market you belong to. It’s critical to identify the key solution influencers in each vertical industry.

Succeeding in a vertical market

What’s next? How do you get revenue to start pouring in?

Define the revenue strategies that complement the vertical influencers in your market. Make sure you have a clear definition of your products and service offerings. Identify related value propositions that drive compelling client value and a solid return on investment for your business—and your clients.

Support from AbeTech

It’s a lot to figure out. AbeTech can offer guidance to help you make smart and practical decisions for your business. We work with a wide range of industries: manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, healthcare, retail and transportation.

Let us help you customize solutions that will improve your market reach.


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