Remote Mentorship At The Fingertips Of Frontline Workers

RealWear Overview HMT-1™

Remote Mentor with RealWear HMT-1™ enables workers in the field to get assistance from experienced technicians ("mentors") via an enhanced two-way video call experience where the mentor can see and hear from the worker's point of view. The RealWear HMT-1™is a powerful, fully rugged Android computer that is worn on the head and replaces the touch screen with an articulated micro-display to simulate a 7-inch tablet screen.

No Shortage Of Expertise 

The HMT-1™ platform enables mentors located anywhere in the world to see what the worker sees and coach them in real-time.

Providing Support For:

  • Test & Inspection
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Manufacturing & Assembly 


  • Unplanned downtime is expensive.
  • Flying an expert to a jobsite is costly and time consuming.
  • Face-to-face assistance cannot scale across your enterprise.


  • Remote experts help get machines back online faster.
  • Improve service levels and reduce travel costs.
  • One remote mentor can help many workers who are onsite.

Remote Mentor Benefits:


  • Uptime
  • Mentor utilization
  • Safety
  • Mentor/worker interactions
  • Remote site connectivity 


  • Travel time & cost
  • Training cost
  • Errors & repeat visits 
  • Downtime 

Capabilities With Remote Mentorship:

Capabilities vary by software provider and many not be supported by all applications. Capabilities to consider when selecting applications include:


  • Initiate calls from either the remote mentor or worker
  • Call using an address book or enter shared rooms
  • Participate in calls using desktop or web software
  • Include multiple participants 
  • Adjust audio and video quality 
  • Remotely control microphones and cameras 


  • Capture photos from the HMT-1™
  • Record video from the HMT-1™
  • Share the mentor's screen with workers
  • Send documents to the worker's view
  • Share notes on a whiteboard
  • Shared typed messages
  • Zoom in and out to examine details 
  • Annotate (telestrate) images 


  • Save photos and videos locally on the HMT or remotely 

To learn more about RealWear's HMT-1™, contact an AbeTech Solution Expert to get more details.

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