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About AbeTech

Since 1992 AbeTech Has Built Trust in Bar Code and RFID Solutions

AbeTech collaborates with its clients to design, integrate and support complete solutions that optimize the flow and management of people, inventory and assets in order to reach peak productivity. We achieve success by developing bar code and RFID solutions based on our extensive knowledge base, impactful client relationships, and passion for excellence in serving supply chain and logistics needs, with special expertise in distribution, manufacturing, and field mobility sectors.

Improving productivity and boosting efficiencies and profitability requires creative thinking by dedicated, resourceful, proactive professionals who populate a knowledge base that’s as wide as it is deep. AbeTech embodies these qualities.

Knowledge and Collaboration

We become trusted long-term business advisors as we delve into our clients’ goals and unique environments in order to shape and support the optimal data collection solution, start to finish. We understand our clients better than anyone else, and how we can help. With almost 25 years in the industry – involving 20,000+ installations in the U.S. – AbeTech also offers in-depth knowledge built upon intensive technical training and hands-on experience. Yet we’re always open to new ideas, embracing change by flexing to meet new challenges.

That’s how we can effect overall system improvements resulting in bar code or RFID solutions that streamline real-time data capture/collection and management, on time and on budget.  Bottomline, we make business processes better, driving up productivity and profitability.

AbeTech advises clients in:

  • System requirement assessments and ROI analysis based on case studies
  • Solution design, integration and implementation, including hardware selection and procurement
  • Wireless site surveys and installations, including wireless security and troubleshooting
  • RFID site surveys and installations, including tags, readers, and antennae options
  • Bar code implementations, including reader, scanner, and label advice
  • Cellular activations and provisioning
  • Comprehensive training, on- or off-site
  • Technical service and support programs

Progressive Partnerships

By partnering with leading global hardware and software providers, AbeTech can boast advanced integration and technical support, in addition to valued market intermediary positioning. That way, we can ensure that every device and application we recommend and install delivers optimum functionality and ease-of-use for end users, while scaling to and operating in each unique business environment—now and into the future. 

Service and Support Excellence

AbeTech’s commitment to comprehensive training programs and excellence in technical support streamline installations and facilitate the transition to new processes, wireless or wired. AbeTech’s support teams dedicate themselves not only to flexing to meet our each of our client’s unique needs, but also pursuing knowledge needed in order to maximize our value. Tiered technical support options range from phone to web to on-site issue resolution.  “Explosive Responsiveness” is an AbeTech promise, and one that our dedicated support teams aim to keep.