4 Signs Your Asset Tracking Solution Could Use an Upgrade


Tracking your assets is invaluable to your business. Knowing where they are when the need for them arises plays a vital part of your operation. Your computers, laptops, mobile phones, equipment and other assets should be accessible at all times for easy maintenance, upgrades, and repair. In order for your business to grow and profit, falling short on this important responsibility is not an option.
Now that you have an asset tracking solution in place, how can you tell if it is outdated or underperforming? We've outlined the tell-tale signs.

Know the warning signs

Human Error
Your solution might have worked for you in the beginning, having fewer fixed assets to track and monitor, but now is not flexible enough to adapt to the upward change in your business, thus making it prone to more human errors. If your tracking solution is no longer reliable due to errors, consider an upgrade or adapt a new asset tracking solution.
Slow Data Collection
In business, time is gold. And when it comes to asset tracking, this cannot be more emphasized. When you have to manually record serial numbers, model numbers and the location of your assets, your productivity is immensely reduced. Alternatively, an automated solution will help your business grow and expand.
No Real-time Information Access
Needs can arise without warning at any time. This is why you need to know exactly where your assets are at any given moment. If your asset tracking solution cannot provide you with real-time analytics and reports, look into replacing your tracking solution.
No Process Automation
In today’s most successful operations, everything is automated with the use of the most advanced and latest technologies. Process automation makes reporting precise, reliable and fast. If your asset tracking solution does not utilize process automation technologies, AbeTech can help you find a replacement that will keep you competitive and on the leading edge in your industry.

What to do when you need to upgrade

Your assets are the tools that foster success for your business. Keeping your assets in working order, protected from theft or loss and tracking their productivity requires an asset tracking solution that is flexible, precise and scalable. If your asset tracking solution no longer provides you with these imperatives, reach out to AbeTech and we will guide you to a better solution.

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