5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your RFID Investment

AbeTech has helped many large companies in a variety of industries make RFID technology work for them by managing their inventory and tracking their products and assets. We can handle large-scale RFID projects, but what are some of the smaller-scale uses for RFID? Here are five ways RFID can help your company that you might not have considered.

1. Help with Inventory

RFID can work in managing your inventory and at the same time reduce cost of labor. When your inventory is set up with RFID tags and your warehouse has RFID readers installed, you always have an accurate count of existing inventory. This eliminates the need for “backup inventory.” Since items’ locations are tracked, there will be less time required for workers to find an item or product or check what is in inventory, thus saving on cost of labor.

2. Keep Track of Office Assets

Increase the value of your RFID investment by utilizing RFID to track your internal IT assets. This includes laptops, servers, computers and lab equipment. RFID can also be used for improved document management, wherein document status, location, and chain of custody are accurately tracked.

3. Track Rental Products

RFID can work as a solution for keeping track of equipment in rental and check-out situations. By using RFID technology, you always have a precise account of what is left in your rental store and what items are already returned. RFID can also monitor items to prevent loss or theft.

4. Track High-turnover Products

With RFID tags and readers on store shelves, RFID can track high-turnover products, like hundreds of books on bookstore shelves, clothing in racks, and food products in a grocery store.

5. Track Inventory in Doctor’s Office and Medical Supply House

RFID can also work in doctor’s offices and medical supply houses where RFID helps track and identify racks, returnable bins, and containers. This way, finding missing bins or racks will no longer be a problem.

Have another creative use for RFID? We can help

These are just some instances of how you can make RFID work for your company. RFID can be used to increase accuracy and efficiency in most aspects of your operations. The technology is simple and basic to use and maintain, and the solutions can be innovative and game-changing. Reach out to an AbeTech representative today to get started.

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