Private Contractor Wins Government Contracts


A global provider of field security services with overseas offices in Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Somalia and Mozambique needed a Biometric Identification Capture solution to provide time and attendance validation for onsite personnel at locations across Afghanistan. Afghanistan is one of the world's toughest environments, with vast temperature variations as well as sand, dust, rugged terrain and just about every other type of environmental challenge one can think of.

The private contractor had orders from the U.S. government to ensure that it could collect the personnel verification data using a biometric scanner on the front of the tablet. In addition, the client was required to be able to store and transmit the biometric data via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to its payroll processor, ADP.
Valued partner riteSOFT referred this client to AbeTech knowing that our experience and expertise, as well as our vast network of partners, would enable us to find the perfect solution. Working with Vertical Systems, Inc., our go-to partner for custom barcode software and RFID solutions, we explored a variety of options that could meet the client's requirements for biometric data capture and transfer, as well as optimal ruggedness and durability.
AbeTech concluded that ultra-rugged Xplore Technologies tablet PCs were the perfect solution for this client. Not only are Xplore tablet PCs built to withstand the harshest environments, but they also feature a built-in biometric scanner on the front of the tablet—a must-have for this client. 
After AbeTech selected the hardware, the next step was to determine how the data would be captured, stored and transmitted. The tablet's built-in software was not ideal for this client; it could not share collected biometric data with other tablets within the client's network. Since it was critical to upload information from various locations, and to support the sharing of the data across 18 devices within the client's network, AbeTech partnered with Vertical Systems to build a custom software solution.
In the end, AbeTech and Vertical Systems produced an automated process for capturing biometric data and sending them to ADP. Records could also be stored for historical reporting. The system was also user-friendly.

The client can now capture biometric data for nearly 2,000 employees at numerous locations across Afghanistan and can easily send time and attendance data to its client. What's more, the security firm has since won additional major government contracts because of this capability. 


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