Medical Center Integrates Mobile Device and Customer Software


A medical center was looking to incorporate a process for proper patient photo documentation that could seamlessly integrate and upload to their EMR software. Support for their approach was nonexistent and the medical center was unable to acquire a proper solution internally. They needed a photo documentation process that would allow employees to use mobile devices to transmit real-time data capture in a one-step method over their secure server, while maintaining HIPAA patient privacy compliance. The system would need to be easy to integrate, use and learn as well as function properly and work in conjunction with their current EMR software.

AbeTech was recommended because of our ability to provide targeted solutions. We engaged with Vertical Systems to design and integrate a custom software program suited for the specific needs of the medical center. The software program that was designed precisely for this project allows employees to take real-time photos that upload immediately into the EMR database and into a patient's personal file.

This local medical center now has the ability to embed each photo with a unique patient identifier code with a real-time time and date stamp. The photo is sent directly to OnBase which then transmits to the EMR platform securely over their wireless network server. The device in which the medical center and AbeTech were able to create this software for is the Intermec CS40. This device is designed specifically for mobile field professionals who need productivity and reliability beyond a smart phone. The CS40 is Intermec's smallest rugged mobile computer. It combines ruggedness, advanced 3.75G voice and data communications, as well as integrated high-performance 1D/2D scanning capability in smart phone size and style. It is designed to connect your mobile workforce to the enterprise for real-time access to business information and data exchange.

Running critical enterprise business applications, the CS40 allows this medical center to improve their business processes, expand customer offerings, increase revenue and reduce the cost and complexity of a field mobility solution all at the point where it's needed most—on the front lines. Employees now have access to a device that closely resembles most cellphones and is integrated with a barcode scanner and camera. This solution also allows storing of images when there is sever failure until everything is back up in running order.

The ease of integrating the Intermec CS40 with the custom design software and an existing system contributed to the success of the project. This solution was designed to integrate into almost any business environment, providing accurate and efficient real-time data while not requiring all business systems to be replaced with the long learning curve, high costs, time and risks that would entail.

A project manager at the medical center stated, "I like the integration of this device and software better than the other systems I've seen. We are the first hospital in the region to offer this solution to our patients and employees. We pride ourselves on being innovative and thanks to AbeTech and Vertical Systems we were able to find the exact solution we needed. We love this system because of the ease of use and automation."
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