Manufacturer Minimizes Time and Risk


This case study focuses on a manufacturer of industrial goods with a service fleet of over 200 service technicians and employees over 1,400 professionals worldwide.

This manufacturer was struggling with tracking inventory in the field for field service professionals. A well-known software company addressed the business performance issues and were determined to find a solution to prevent unneeded paperwork and field errors. One of the largest challenges was finding a device that was portable, rugged, easy to use and had a sufficient screen size for operators. This device also needed bar coding and scanning capabilities.

The first stage of the project was choosing the Motorola ET-1, as it was the only device that met the required criteria. The software company proposed bringing on AbeTech as a partner due to the fact that there were several issues during the testing and piloting phases. AbeTech possessed the knowledge to not only resolve the issues, but continue to support and manage this manufacturer's project. AbeTech was hired to provide engineering, staging and spare device pool management along with activating the devices with Sprint. Prior to AbeTech coming on board, the manufacturer was looking at several mobile solutions and wanted something similar to the user experience that comes from an Android or Apple device. The device also needed to be rugged.

Midway through the project, AbeTech was able to provide assistance and value for a successful pilot launch of the hardware. They had the ability to purchase products directly from AbeTech in turn they could provide Professional Services, OS updates and hot-swap capabilities. AbeTech provided the comprehensive solution to the challenge that this manufacturer faced.

The manufacturer sucessfully deployed devices in a working environment and they now have a solid support model to sustain lifecycle management with minimal downtime. AbeTech's support model allows them to receive a replacement within 24-48 hours.

If a device breaks down, they contact AbeTech directly, who immediately ships a new product pre-configured and activated directly to the technician from the client-owned spare pool located in the AbeTech warehouse. The device in need of repair is sent to Motorola and will be shipped back to AbeTech for configuration and replaced into the spare pool.

AbeTech's involvement allowed this manufacturer to achieve far more with this project. By joining forces with Motorola, AbeTech was able to provide technical resources that they were not receiving before. In addition, this manufacturer is able to successfully deliver a field service application to 200+ field service technicians that results in minimum time and minimum risk, ensuring that users who are dependent on the device have minimal downtime.


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