Lineage Streamlines Process to Perform at Maximum Capacity


Lineage Logistics, a warehousing and logistics company who has been an AbeTech client for more than 8 years, was growing and expanding at a high rate yet was unable to add IT personnel. Their existing mobile computing devices were aging— some were as old as 10 years—and support was very limited. As the company grew and expanded, a new plan took shape. Lineage determined that consolidation of devices and moving to one network would allow their business units to perform optimally and would greatly improve support. Lineage also determined that they could not do this alone; they needed a solution provider that could take ownership of their mobile computing needs from design and configuration to rollout and support. AbeTech to the rescue!

Lineage Logistics asked AbeTech to provide solution design and managed support options. Our approach was to consolidate equipment down to two devices: the VM1 Thor and MX9CS, since most of Lineage's warehouses were cold storage. With this approach they were able to take advantage of timely delivery of solutions and easier support across their 70+ locations. AbeTech also included Managed Services to provide device configuration, Level two help desk support, and battery life cycle management. AbeTech also has a close relationship with Honeywell and its local rep, which helps to ensure a constant supply of devices within the supply chain for quick deployments when needed.

With AbeTech as their sole mobile computing solution provider, Lineage is able to take advantage of pricing power and a single source for support. AbeTech has been able to streamline the rollout process and manage the service and support, allowing Lineage to focus on other projects and support needs within the company as they continue to grow. With AbeTech's managed services we are able to tie in to their helpdesk ticketing system for ease of support, and with support hours from 7am-7pm CST we are able to adequately cover their East and West coast operations. We also help to keep Lineage's uptime at a maximum with management of the RMA process and spare pool. And battery lifecycle management helps Lineage know that all of their devices will continue maximum performance with fresh batteries every 18 months.
Lineage Logistics can rest easy with AbeTech as their sole mobile computing provider, knowing that their needs are being met with accuracy and consistency.


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