Increasing Mobile Productivity and Lowering Costs with Zebra’s Ultra-Rugged Scanners

In many warehouses and food banks, barcode scanners are treated as a commodity, with a one-track focus on price and basic functionality. But there’s a world of difference between standard barcode scanners and advanced devices, which can ultimately save far more on your bottom line.

The Zebra DS3600 ultra-rugged scanner does it all

A good case in point is Zebra’s 3600 Series ultra-rugged scanners. They’re not only virtually indestructible, which can save you thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs, but they can also be combined with a mobile powered workstation to save you thousands of dollars per worker in labor costs.
The increased productivity and savings start with the 3600’s impressive capabilities, which include over 30% more scanning range and 50% more scans per charge than competing devices.
Zebra’s 3600 Series barcode scanners can also capture 1D and 2D barcodes from up to 60 feet away, and their multi-code scanning means you can capture multiple barcodes simultaneously.
With 50% more battery capacity, you can also keep scanning long after other devices would have to be swapped out or charged.
The resulting efficiency can easily shave seconds off every transaction and increase worker productivity and labor value at a time when demand is increasing and there’s a widespread shortage of qualified warehouse workers.
The durability of Zebra’s latest scanning devices is also a big money saver in its own right. Zebra’s 3600 Series scanners are designed to withstand virtually any environment or level of use and abuse.
Each scanner features IP65 and IP67 dust-proof and water-proof sealing, and it can handle the force of a full hose-down and submersion in water. It also withstands drops to concrete from up to 8 feet and survived tests involving 5,000 consecutive tumbles.
In all, the 3600 Series delivers 23% greater durability than competing devices, so you can save big by not having to replace or repair damaged or broken devices.
These scanners also withstand extreme operating temperatures, so they’re great in hot warehouses or even in a food storage freezer. Corded models can operate at temperatures from 122°F to -22°F, and cordless models can withstand temperatures ranging from 122°F to -4°F.

Pair with a mobile powered workstation for even more mobile productivity

Zebra’s 3600 Series scanners are also an ideal device to use with a mobile powered workstation, which can bring even further efficiency and labor savings to your operation.
A mobile workstation is ideal for many warehouse and food bank environments, providing a computing, printing, labeling, and package handling workspace on wheels. This saves workers hours of walking per day by providing power, connectivity, and mobile or desktop devices wherever they need them.
With our recommended mobile workstation, a mounted tablet provides access to business-critical apps, such as your warehouse management system (WMS). Touch screen capability and simplicity optimize your workflows.

A Zebra ZT600 Series, ZT400 Series, or ZT200 Series industrial printer rounds out your workstation for on-demand printing of barcode and shipping labels.

Chat with the mobile experts at AbeTech 

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