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Mobile Powered Workstations

Do you have true mobility in your warehouse, office or shipping/receiving center or are you tied down to power cords, Ethernet cables and constantly walking back and forth to the label printer? Find new levels of productivity with the freedom of a mobile powered workstation from Newcastle Systems.

Mobile powered workstations are carts with battery packs that can power your laptops, mobile computers, scanners and wireless printers for 8-12 hours. They allow you to save hours of walking a day by consolidating your operations in one mobile station.

Printing labels can now be done on-demand and right at the pallet which increases your labeling accuracy. Plus you can have full-screen access to your information systems (ERP, WMS, MRS, or other software) in real time.

Increase productivity in these use cases

Warehouse / Distribution
-Incoming inspection and labeling
-Inventory control/cycle counting
-Order fulfillment and picking
-Outbound labeling

-Receiving finished goods before stocking
-Assembly line quality control
-Electronic work instruction and more

Different models to accommodate your needs

NB Series (Mid-size)
The patented NB Series mobile powered workstation was developed to provide true mobility within a facility. With a compact 24" (W) x 26" (D) footprint, this ergonomically designed unit can be positioned into the most remote corners. The powered carts all come with one 24" (W) x 22" (D) adjustable height laminated shelf and can accommodate up to two additional shelves. The contoured rear adjustable push handle also serves as a small tool holder. Power options include a 200AH battery, a 1,000W inverter and a 20A charger. It can power up to 4 devices at once for about 8-12 hours of normal use.

PC Series (Heavy-duty)
The PC Series workstation offers many of the same standard features as the NB Series. It has been designed to hold and power a variety of additional equipment, yet also provides generous space to hold inventory. The PC Series consists of 30” (W) and 48” (D) workstations that are designed for ease of mobility. With high performance 6” rubber casters and narrow profile, they can be moved and positioned with minimal effort ensuring operator usage throughout a facility. The top shelf is ergonomically adjustable and can be set at 3 different heights to suit the operator and the task being performed. The optional middle shelf is also adjustable in height. The bottom shelf holds the power package and is accessible as needed. It can also be used for additional storage space.

Apex Series (Height-adjust)
The Apex Series SLIM mobile workstation with Newcastle’s new height-adjustable ergonomic mast raises the bar for workplace mobility and safety. This compact lightweight workstation provides mobile power to your devices including laptops, tablets, 1-2 LCDs or touchscreens, barcode printers, scanners and more for 8+ hours at a time. This flexible workstation serves a vast range of industries on the production floor including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices and anywhere that worker comfort and safety matters as much as productivity. Ideal applications include visual work instruction, asset tracking, operational training, supervisor floor station, quality assurance, batch traceability, on-demand label printing/scanning and more.

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Mobile Powered Workstations
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