Device Management without Standardization Can Put Your Company at Risk


Device management is an essential part of any modern business. With the increasing number of devices used in the workplace, it’s more important than ever to have a standard process in place to manage and update these devices. However, a lack of standardization in device management can lead to security risks, such as device hacking, data loss, and worse, bad actors gaining access to your organization’s network.

One solution to this problem is to implement a change control process. This process involves creating a standard procedure for managing and updating devices, as well as ensuring that all devices are configured and secured properly. This allows you to keep track of all devices and ensure that they are always up-to-date and secure.

By implementing a change control process, you can protect your business from device management security risks and ensure that your organization stays safe and productive in today’s ever-changing technology landscape.

Meet Abe360: Mobile Device Management for the Enterprise

The Abe360 Enterprise Mobile Management platform is designed to accommodate best-practice change controls, developed by our solution architects specifically for your organization’s needs.

Our Abe360 change control process includes:

  • Creating a standard procedure for managing and updating devices that is documented and shared internally across your organization
  • User Acceptance, Development, and Production (UAT/DEV/PROD) environments with testing before devices are deployed to live environments
  • Checks and balances to ensure all devices are configured and secured properly
  • A dashboard to track all devices and ensure they are up-to-date and secure

Don’t leave your business’s security to chance. Having a mobile device management system in place is not enough for today’s modern enterprises: let us show you why the key to a secure, protected network starts with a standardization plan and defined change control processes.

Reach out today to schedule a consultation with a solution expert to learn more about how Abe360 can simplify and standardize your device lifecycle management. Get a virtual walkthrough of our best practice structure including: a preview of our development, user acceptance testing, and production environments as well as example configuration profiles.

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