Digital plant management

SafetyChain is a digital plant management platform for process manufacturers, trusted by more than 2,000 facilities to improve plant-wide performance. It unifies production and quality teams with data, insights, and tools, and delivers real-time operational visibility and control by eliminating paper and point solutions.



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Unlock Actionable Data and Insights Across the Plant Floor

SafetyChain OEE

Real-time Productivity Analysis (OEE)

Understand the true performance of every shift, line, batch, and facility. Track and trend data from equipment, PLCs, SCADA, and sensors for improved uptime, throughput, yield, and labor.

SafetyChain Quality Mangement

Quality Management

Give operators and plant leaders complete control over their programs with safety and quality data instantly accessible from any device. Reduce cost of quality by minimizing holds, eliminating rework, and acing every audit.

SafetyChain Process Control

Statistical Process Control

Eliminate product variability with real-time data to proactively identify issues and eliminate costly non-conformances. Enable operators to make proactive adjustments that minimize waste and maximize productivity. 

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Partner with a team who can advise from industry experience.

Data capture solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

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