Next-Level Healthcare Asset Management Part One

Healthcare asset management isn’t simply locating equipment on demand, though this is a common misconception. This capability is typically the first result of putting a RTLS-drive asset tracking solution in place, it’s important to understand the deeper functionality a comprehensive solution can bring. This is key driver for delivering high-quality care, creating efficiencies and improving patient experiences.

Healthcare industry surveys have shown that nurses spend hours searching for supplies and equipment during each shift. Wasting time searching for devices leads to delayed procedures and slower responses that can compromise patient care quality and safety. It can also lessen staff morale.

Asset management can also affect a company’s ability to control costs and drive efficiency. Research suggests that hospitals overbuy equipment and that equipment that’s purchased is only used about half the time. At many hospitals, overspending comes from an inability to quickly and efficiently stage equipment. When doctors don’t know how to access what they need, when they need it, some may even begin to hoard equipment within their personal units.

In addition to these issues, hospital equipment has become increasingly mobile, increasing the risk of cross-contamination and loss. Each year, lost and stolen equipment in U.S. hospitals equals around $4k per bed per year, increasing to $8k when expenses gained from out-of-place equipment are added.

According to a survey by VHA, Inc. equals at least $52 million per year, and equipment moving from patient to patient without decontamination has become a major issue in terms of infection control.

Asset management is a core focus for AbeTech. We’re proud to have helped many healthcare institutions implement more efficient technologies and processes to manage equipment and devices. Along the way, we’ve developed a series of best practices to best help you.

For more information about asset management for healthcare, contact AbeTech today. 

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