Honeywell Mobility Edge Brings Unity to Complex Hardware Challenges

Honeywell Mobility Edge is a common hardware architecture for Honeywell mobile computers running Android. This hardware and software platform (including a suite of productivity tools) will make it easier to roll out a wide range of devices with different form factors.

So how does this exciting take on Android benefit Honeywell users? You can accelerate deployments, optimize business performance and extend the lifecycle of your hardware investment with Honeywell Mobility Edge.

Increase the value of your investment

IT and operations decision makers will love the benefits of Honeywell Mobility Edge platform. Months (sometimes years!) of research goes into selecting hardware across an enterprise. When the operating system you're using is standardized across a fleet of devices with varied form factors, this time and research is significantly reduced.

Another added benefit of Mobility Edge is the way it can future-proof your hardware investment. The Mobility Edge Platform supports four versions of android – from N to Q. Three years from now, the hardware you purchased will still be receiving critical support updates and will have the same look and feel of modern day smartphones running Android.

Many form factors – one unified platform

Since your operating system will be standard across devices, the version of Android OS you are running will no longer impact software choices so you can unify the apps you are running and reduce the time it takes to train employees.

Your warehouse workers need devices with full keyboards, while your delivery drivers may prefer a touchscreen for quick access and visibility in bright conditions—two different use cases with two different device form factors (pistol grip mobile computer vs. touchscreen slab style mobile computer).

Both of these workers use the same internal apps and business systems. With Honeywell Mobility Edge, all devices across your organization will be on the same version of Android. This way you can be sure your software systems and business tools work across departments. Plus, your hardware will always have the latest security patches and updates.

Want to bring some sanity to your complex operations?

Tired of spending months researching operating system version numbers, app compatibility and worrying about your hardware investment becoming outdated quickly? Then check out Honeywell’s mobile computers running the Honeywell Mobility Edge Platform, including the flagship Honeywell Dolphin CN80 Mobile Computer.  

With over 25 years of experience managing enterprise level hardware and software environments, AbeTech can show you the way. 
Reach out to a representative today to get started.

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