Honeywell Mobile Computers, Scanners, Printers Built on Four Security Pillars

Honeywell’s mobile computers, scanners and printers are backed by the Honeywell Product Cybersecurity methodology. Our security platform is based on knowledge that in today’s connected world, threat actors are working around the clock to identify vulnerabilities and ultimately harm your business. When you choose Honeywell, you’ll know your products and solutions are secure by design, informed by intelligence, defended with vigilance and deployed through integration so you can operate with confidence that both your data and operations are secure.  Let’s take a closer look at what we mean:

Informed by Intelligence. Honeywell’s global presence in numerous markets and businesses that often involve national security and critical infrastructure gives us broad insight into what’s happening in cybersecurity in various industries. This direct line of sight into security threats across the globe gives us inside intelligence that our competitors don’t have.

  • Honeywell has visibility into cybersecurity threats in Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, Transportation, Building, Environmental and Energy, Security, Safety and Productivity, and Process Technologies so we can identify and develop solutions to threats faster than companies only working in a few segments.
  • Honeywell receives pre-disclosures from industry councils such as the ISA Global Security Alliance1,, ICS-CERT and suppliers like Google, Intel and Qualcomm.

Secured by Design. Honeywell uses the security information from numerous industrial environments in the design of its products. In essence, our security applies to the hardware and software of our devices to deliver a deeper level of coverage.

  • Security protections are built-in from the start and continuously updated based on current methodologies and tools attackers are using.
  • Rugged designs that readily adapt to new versions of an OS

Defended with Vigilance. Frequency of the updates and the tools we have to roll out patches make staying current on security updates very easy.

  • Monthly security patches released by Google and tested, customized for Honeywell devices and released shortly thereafter. We aim to release updates as soon as possible after integration testing.
  • Fast response and deployment of patches for sudden malware attacks as we receive pre-disclosure of vulnerabilities from industry councils and suppliers like Qualcomm.
  • Dedicated threat team watching 24/7.

Deployed through Integration. Because our solutions are platform-based, security is pervasive and applies to more than your data. Your network and operations are protected as well.

Honeywell's Pillars to a Foundation of Trust

Every day, around the world, businesses are at risk of cyber-attacks. Honeywell acknowledges the risk and believes the best way to minimize attacks and the losses that result from them is to take a pervasive and holistic approach to security. Pervasive means Honeywell approaches security from multiple angles which include gathering intelligence on cyber events in multiple industries, building protections directly into devices and software, and maintaining a 24/7 level of vigilance on the cyber climate. A holistic approach to security means that we need to pay attention to the entire picture and individual aspects of a product offering. Honeywell aims to integrate all these elements designed to safeguard an organization to empower our customers to build a solution with security built in from the beginning. We focus on protecting you and our products (e.g., mobile computers, scanners, and printers) against sophisticated attacks at all levels from low level opportunistic hackers to industrial espionage and cyber criminals. Honeywell is a founding member of the ISA Global Security Alliance which means that all of our products go through ISA62433 security requirements from their inception.

Honeywell’s story begins 100+ years ago as a global leader in industrial manufacturing and advanced technology. We have used that expertise to drive cybersecurity innovation with over 15+ years as a key leader in industrial cybersecurity solutions helping transform and protect the world’s most critical infrastructures. Our broad portfolio includes Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity software products and services that allow customers to simplify, strengthen and scale industrial cybersecurity across an enterprise.

Our global team of 300+ Certified Cybersecurity Experts have successfully implemented over 5000+ cybersecurity projects, managed 400+ industrial cybersecurity sites, conducted hundreds of risk assessments and have the breadth of resources to help execute projects of every size and complexity 70 industry sectors often involving critical infrastructure and national security. For example, this includes: supply chain, healthcare, oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, industrial power generation, chemicals and petrochemicals, biofuels, life sciences, CPG, F&B, utilities, water/waste, metals, minerals and mining industries.

Honeywell’s large footprint in multiple industries gives us a broad view of emerging cybersecurity threats in their earliest stages in industries where the typical cybersecurity offerings are not usually present. This allows us to identify issues, develop countermeasures, and deploy them to our customers earlier than our competition in this industry that usually does not receive attention. We also leverage relationships to receive pre-disclosures of vulnerabilities from industry councils and partners including Intel, Qualcomm, and Google as well as from our participation and work with various organizations such as ICS-CERT (concentrated around Industrial Controls), NVD, DHS CISA and many more. Furthermore, Honeywell’s size, strength and global presence allows us to leverage the broad investment in security across our enterprise.

Cybersecurity is core to Honeywell. We design security into our products, policies, and processes. Our baked-in from inception approach to cybersecurity, design-to-delivery process has a strong emphasis on building security into products to anticipate and mitigate risk before a breach can happen. We do this by embedding deep domain knowledge, product testing and security requirements of industry-leading security practices throughout our full design and development process to ensure our solutions are as secure as possible from the start.

We aim to make our solutions as free of vulnerabilities and attack surface as possible through such measures as continuous testing, authentication safeguards, and adherence to best programming practices. We believe security must evolve with the product that our customers purchase. A group of dedicated white-hat penetration testers with industry leading certifications such as OSCE/OSCP certified, completely independent from the engineering team, continuously test our solutions to ensure we have the highest standards for defense.

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