FAQ: AbeTech’s Tevia Automatic Identification Controller


AbeTech’s Tevia Automatic Identification Controller is the best of both worlds:  a Tevia controller provides the simplicity of a plug-and-play system, with the flexibility of custom solution… at a fraction of the cost!

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about our Tevia controller. We think you’ll be impressed with how the features and functionality can improve your package and label inspection processes.

What is the Tevia Automatic Identification Controller?

  1. The Tevia Automatic Identification Controller is a quality control solution that:

    • assures 100% inspection of your bar codes

    • displays the master bar code and the last bar code read

    • provides counts of matching bar codes, wrong bar codes, no-reads and errors

What are some of the capabilities of a Tevia controller?

  1. The Tevia Auto ID Controller can perform the following functions:

    • Validate proper packaging

    • Validate bar codes

    • Traceability reporting

    • Document handling

    • Product control/containment

    • Capture, move and manage machine readable information

Does the Tevia system offer fail-safes for operation and shut down?

  1. Yes. The Tevia controller offers fail-safes such as shutting down a conveyor, rejecting a project along with user authentication using employee badges and/or passwords.

Is a Tevia controller cost-effective?

  1. Our standard Tevia controller with vision camera installed costs up to 75% less per line on average compared to competing systems. This savings is especially beneficial when multiple lines are required.

How long does installation take once the Purchase Order (PO) is issued?

  1. The lead time for our standard system is three to four weeks from receipt of PO. The actual installation takes approximately four hours per line, which minimizes downtime with low impact on production.

Does a Tevia controller include Allen Bradley controls?

  1. Yes. AbeTech offers an Alley Bradley control option for the Tevia controller. Plus, multiple communication protocol options allow for flexibility integrating with other control systems.

How does the Tevia store information and communicate with our warehouse management system (WMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software?

  1. The Tevia stores information locally and can be uploaded via various communication methods.

Can the Tevia work with baggers, cartoners and other equipment to read bar codes?

  1. Yes. The Tevia will integrate with a variety of equipment including cartoners, baggers, and labeling systems to read bar codes quickly and accurately.

Does AbeTech have experience deploying Tevia controllers to meet regulatory compliance mandates?

  1. Yes. AbeTech has several years of experience working with manufacturers and distributers to consistently meet bar code verification requirements. AbeTech works with many of the top manufacturers across the country and we have successfully deployed hundreds of bar code verification systems.

Is the Tevia controller customizable?

  1. Yes. The Tevia controller can be customized to meet specific application and environmental needs.

Take control of your package inspection with AbeTech’s Tevia Automatic Identification Controller. Give us a call at 888.682.3113 or send us a note, we’d be happy to talk with you about how our Tevia system can help you reduce waste, avoid product recalls and improve productivity.

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