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Tevia Auto ID Controller

Take Control of Your Package Inspection

The Tevia is designed for product and label validation. The controller works with all brands of bar code scanners and vision cameras and offers a flexible, user friendly and intuitive color touch-screen interface.
Bar codes and other forms of Auto ID have revolutionized the supply chain, from the shop floor to the warehouse and all the way to the checkout line. Bar codes and other advanced labeling systems have made identifying objects, collecting data about them as they move from place to place, and entering data into complex computer systems—with minimal or no human involvement—seem almost simple. But any glitch in your system, including mishandled labels, missing labels, poor quality labels and other problems can greatly impact the accuracy of the information you collect and the quality of the product that reaches your customers.

Consider the AbeTech Tevia Auto ID Controller for your product and label verification needs. It works with all brands of bar code scanners and vision cameras using a flexible, user-friendly and intuitive color touch-screen interface. It can help you:

  • Validate proper packaging

  • Validate proper bar codes

  • Perform traceability reporting

  • Enhance document handling

  • Implement product control and containment

  • Capture, move and manage data for all of your bar coding and labeling activities

The Tevia detects missing scans, displays the master bar code and the last bar code read, and provides counts of matching bar codes, wrong bar codes, no-reads and errors. Using a remote Web interface, it is compatible with AbeTech’s software solutions for advanced control options. And while the Tevia's functionality is robust, it is simply designed and easy-to-use.

Don’t let small labeling mistakes lead to big problems down the road. The AbeTech Tevia Auto ID Controller is an indispensable quality control solution that can help you reduce waste, avoid product recalls, improve productivity and so much more. 

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