Consumer Devices vs Enterprise Devices: Total Cost of Ownership

So you want to save money on your mobile devices by purchasing a consumer grade product? That’s understandable. In fact, we see it all the time. But take it from us, sometimes the cheapest purchase price doesn’t always mean the lowest cost.

Many mobile device buyers don’t consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their mobile devices. Enterprise grade options might look more expensive on paper, but in the long run, choosing the right device can save you money—and headaches—down the road.

Battery life is often overlooked

The cost of replacement batteries is highly overlooked when considering TCO. Some consumer devices (Apple devices for example) do not have user replaceable batteries. This means that after every 18 months to 24 months, you need to send the product to a service center to have the battery replaced. Not only is this expensive, it means major downtime for your company.

With enterprise devices, batteries are user replaceable. Instead of paying to ship the device to a repair center and dealing with downtime while a technician replaces the battery, with an enterprise device, you simply order a new battery (or use a spare battery you have on hand) and replace it in minutes yourself. User replaceable batteries mean almost no downtime and significantly reduced TCO.

Comprehensive warranties and repairs

Just by choosing an enterprise device you will have less downtime due to breaks. But if you do happen to run into issues and a device goes down, what happens next?

By choosing an enterprise device, you open up more comprehensive warranty options and allow for easier more cost effective repairs. On the other hand, consumer devices do not have a service level agreement, so it could take several weeks to get your product back.
With Enterprise devices, the service level agreement is typically no more than five days but could be as fast as getting an advanced replacement device in 24 hours.

Software support and enterprise functionality

Does the consumer device you are considering even support the software and functionality your business needs?

Often, enterprise level software simply isn’t available on consumer mobile devices. That’s not to mention if you need functionality such as reading barcodes, lasting a full shift on battery power or surviving accidental drops. Plus, enterprise devices have a much wider range of officially supported accessories and complementary devices such as companion scanners and Bluetooth headsets.

Don’t sabotage your bottom line by choosing the lower sticker price

You need to make an informed decision about which devices will meet your needs and provide the right accessories, durability, connectivity, and warranty to reduce TCO. Enterprise devices are designed with the features and flexibility to reduce your TCO far more than consumer devices can. AbeTech wants to be your trusted advisor in your decision making process. We’re here to help, so reach out today to get started!

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