A Tablet That is All Business

There are a lot of tablets on the market. I’ve even mentioned one or two of them right here in this blog. One thing you’ll notice about most of them is that what’s under the hood can vary greatly, yet strangely the body stays relatively similar. The thick tablet form works great in a variety of situations, but it looks a bit clunky in the boardroom where laptops and ordinary tablets tend to give way to small netbooks and smaller phones. It feels a bit like walking into a room full of people listening to mp3 players while carrying a boombox on your shoulder.

No bueno, amigo.

Naturally, you could just give in to pressure and try to do all your work on the 2” of your smartphone or you could check out what Zebra is doing these days. I recommend the latter, as they are clearly thinking of you, fellow office-dweller.

Zebra took a look at the current offerings by other companies and realized that what most tablets were missing was the kind of elegance and class that one expects in an office that takes itself seriously, so they went ahead and put one together.

Let me introduce you to the Zebra ET1. The ET stands for “Enterprise Tablet”, although I personally think of it as “Elegantly Trendy 1” because that is most certainly what it is. This is a tablet that was designed for business users who know that just as “the clothes make the (wo)man”, so do the accessories.

The sleek design is designed to fit into the world of Blackberrys and BMWs but looks equally at home in the mailroom or the warehouse and the custom-designed Android OS was built from the ground up with your business’s needs and security in mind. No one would look at you strangely if you walked in carrying this gorgeous device. They even have you covered if you happen to trip and fall as you do. While your dignity might not survive, the ET1 definitely will given that it is designed to withstand multiple drops to the floor.

If you think your office could use an extra touch of class, contact AbeTech today to find out if the Zebra ET1 is the tablet for your business!

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