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The setting: 1987. You’ve just turned on your TV set to check out this new series called Star Trek: The Next Generation. It portrays a crew consisting mostly of humans, living on an advanced spaceship far in the future. They communicate with each other using small devices they can wear that are capable of transmitting their voices over thousands of miles. They use video screens to talk face-to-face with family and coworkers. They walk around with small plastic tablets whose touchscreen interface allows them to do those things and so much more, making it easier for them to work no matter where they are on the ship or even when they’ve beamed down to an alien planet.

I think you know where I’m going with this.

Now come back to 2014. Look around your office. You may not have any Klingons hanging around (Bill from Accounting doesn’t count, hairy though he may be.), but more and more American employees are seeing all of those same devices being used every day to make their work easier and more mobile. According to Forrester Research Group, about 30% of information workers are using three or more mobile devices each week and they predict that tablet use will triple to 905 million devices by 2017!

Why are they so popular? It seems like a strange trend on first glance, tablets are typically far less powerful than a desktop or laptop PC, with smaller screens and diminutive hard drives, but once you have one in your hands it quickly becomes clear. Tablets tend to be very light and easy to carry with you, the touch interface is intuitive and easy to learn, and when they are coupled with today’s wireless networks and cloud storage they make increasing productivity a snap.

AbeTech has partnered with several companies who are leading the way with innovative tablets that help your workforce sync files between departments, capture data in the field, finish documents they started in the office and coordinate their responsibilities in ways that they could only dream of back in 1987, when The Next Generation first aired. All using the familiar Windows environment that they use on the desktops in the office.

The XC6 Series, for example, is one of the most advanced platforms. A rugged and powerful tablet that sports the latest in security technologies and is designed to be used away from the office for many hours at a time.

AbeTech can help you find the right tablet for your needs today, just contact us and we’ll help you decide which tablet is the right fit for your company.

To paraphrase Spock, our goal is to help your company live long and prosper.

Got a favorite tablet? Tell us about it below and what you think makes it so awesome!

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