3 Reasons You Need a Companion Scanner for your Tablet or Mobile Computer

If you don’t have a companion scanner for your tablet, mobile computer or smart phone you’re not getting the most out of your device!

Companion scanners are simple scanners that connect wirelessly with Bluetooth to a pc, tablet, mobile computer, or smartphone. You can add enterprise-class scanning to any mobile device for a fraction of the cost of full-featured industrial scanners. Using a companion scanner adds functionality to your mobile device including:

  • simple and more ergonomic scanning,
  • faster reading of bar codes
  • and significant cost savings compared to industrial bar code scanners.

Ergonomics and simplicity

With a companion scanner, there’s no need for a separate app to learn or configure on the device; simply scan at the press of a button. It really is as easy as “point and shoot.” Workers can pick up a device and start scanning without the need for time consuming training.

Plus, companion scanners are pocket-sized and designed with an intuitive, pull-trigger design. This design means improved ergonomics and less worker fatigue compared to holding a tablet, mobile computer or smartphone to scan a bar code.

Faster bar code reading

Tablets, mobile computers and smartphones usually don’t have hardware specifically designed for scanning. You won’t be able to quickly scan multiple bar codes or store multiple scans in a batch mode. Scanning is slower, more awkward and you may be unable to scan if the bar code is damaged in anyway.

With a companion scanner you can add enterprise-class scanning functionality to your mobile device. Companion scanners are equipped with enterprise-class image engines. The image engines on companion scanners like the CS4070 from Zebra are omnidirectional—so you can scan from any angle—and they are more advanced, giving you faster time to decode.

Increased value from your mobile devices

If you purchased a tablet, mobile computer or smartphone to increase your worker productivity, you’ll love this next benefit of using a companion scanner. The flexibility and simplicity of a companion scanner will unlock the true value of your other devices.

Companion scanners effectively turn the host mobile device into an enterprise-class scanner. For a fraction of the cost of more expensive scanners, you add comparable scanning technology to your mobile device. 

Complement your mobile device with a companion scanner

When you buy a companion scanner, you know the image engine is specifically designed for scanning and usually comes at much lower prices than a purpose-built, rugged device with integrated scanning. Your workers will love the ergonomics and simplicity and you won’t have to worry about missed scans. Find out more by reaching to an experienced scanning specialist at AbeTech.




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