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Zebra CS4070 Companion Scanner

You finally decided to upgrade your mobile device fleet to enterprise mobile computers or tablets. With those new devices you have rich, intuitive graphics, all your enterprise software installed, and a durable, portable form factor. So, what’s missing? Enterprise class bar code scanning, of course!

The Zebra CS4070 Companion Scanner is a smart upgrade to your mobile computers and tablets that wirelessly provides Zebra’s most advanced bar code scanning technology. If you’ve ever tried to scan bar codes with the built-in cameras on smart phones or tablets, you know that the process can be frustrating. Damaged, dirty or scratched bar codes are often misread or not read at all.

Leave the frustration behind with the CS4070 Companion Scanner from Zebra.  

Advanced technology

PRZM Intelligent Imaging
Unique to Zebra scanners, PRZM Intelligent Imaging provides split-second scanning of 1D and 2D bar codes—even when bar codes are not of optimal quality. Omnidirectional scanning means you can complete a scan the first time, every time regardless of scan angle.

Android, Windows, or IOS support
The CS4070 Companion Scanner can pair with any tablet or mobile computer running Android, Windows or IOS mobile operating systems. Simply press a button and the scanner pairs with your mobile device over Bluetooth.

Build quality you can trust

Superior ergonomics
The CS4070 has been designed to reduce worker fatigue and stress from repetitive motion. It is one of the lightest and smallest devices in its class.

Full-shift battery life
The user-replaceable battery in the CS4070 provides 12 hours of battery life—more than enough for a full shift. Plus, the convenient LED indicator light alerts workers of the need to replace the battery.

Increase your mobile computing productivity

Now that you have an enterprise level mobile computer or tablet, it’s time to complete the pair with a Zebra CS4070 Companion Scanner. You’ll see faster, more accurate bar code scanning, increased ergonomics and battery life to keep your workers running efficiently all shift long.

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-Dimensions: 4.39 in. x 1.79 in. x 1.02 in.
-Bluetooth V 2.1+ Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)
-IP42 protection from water splashes and debris
-Memory Capacity: Over 1 million bar codes with time/date stamp
-Drop rating: 5 ft. drop to concrete
-Tumble rating: 250 tumbles at 1.64 ft.

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