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Zebra LI4278 cordless

Capture 1D Barcodes Faster and Easier than Ever!

The LI4278 takes 1D barcode scanning to the next level! Zebra has leveraged superior imaging technologies to push the boundaries of common use scenarios, making it easier than ever for employees to quickly and accurately scan virtually every kind of 1D barcode. Usable from as close as near contact all the way out to 30 inches on standard sized barcodes and capable of capturing codes at extreme angles, meaning that workers spend far less time trying to capture the code properly and more time completing their tasks. Lightweight, cordless and with a battery that will last well beyond a single shift, even in the most demanding environments, means that scanning can remain on the go as long as you need it. The rugged construction gives you the peace of mind that the occasional drop will not take the scanner out of commission.

Zebra LI4278 Product Details

  • Capable of reading virtually all 1D symbologies
  • Skew/Pitch Tolerance: 65°
  • Roll Tolerance: 45°
  • Scan Distance: 1 – 31 inches at 100% size
  • Scan Speed: 547 scans per second
  • Weight: 7.9oz/224g
  • Battery Life: Up to 72 hours per full charge
  • Number of scans: Up to 57,000 per full charge
  • Drop Specification: Over 100+ drops at 5ft
  • Gasket-sealed housing withstands dust and can be sprayed clean
  • Bluetooth v2.1 connectivity, 3.0 Mbit/s data rate
  • Radio Range: 330ft

Designed to excel in environments as busy as a fast-paced retail store or in demanding locations like shipping warehouses, the Zebra LI4278 makes scanning barcodes quick and easy. Maximum uptime and requiring nearly no training means that the total cost of operation (TCO) is much lower than many competing scanners. The Bluetooth wireless frees employees from a scanning base station and allows them to be where the work is, instead of wasting time bringing the work to them.

Task workers can use this for all business applications including

  • Point of Sale (POS) merchandise scanning
  • Inventory management
  • Shelf stocking
  • Warehouse management
  • Product Shipping
  • Product Labeling
  • Picking/Packing control

Whether in the warehouse or a retail storefront, your workers need a handheld scanner that can go where they are needed and will work as fast as they can. The Zebra LI4278 was designed to make scanning easy and cost effective, making your business more efficient and profitable.

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Zebra LI4278 cordless
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