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Zebra FX9500

High Performance RFID Data Capture

The Zebra FX9500 is the latest in RFID data capture technology. It boasts a best-in-class processor and expanded memory, which allows it to work as hard as you do. The exceptionally high RF sensitivity and extremely high read performance combine to allow you to quickly and accurately move and track large volumes of your high volume RFID-tagged cases, pallets and individual items. 

Product Details

  • High Performance PXA270 @ 624 MHz processor
  • Max Receive Sensitivity:
  • 84.5 dBm monostatic
  • 105 dBm bistatic
  • Air Protocols:
  • ISO 18000-6C (EPC Class 1 Gen 2)
  • ISO 18000-6B
  • 902 MHz - 928 MHz
  • 865 Hz - 868 MHz, and sub0bands
  • Frequency (UHF Band):
  • Power output: +10dBm to +33dBm
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (RJ45); USB ports (Type A and B); Serial (DB9)
  • General Purpose I/O: 4 inputs, 4 outputs, optically isolated (Terminal Block)
  • Antenna Ports: 4 monostatic or 2 bistatic ports (Reverse Polarity TNC) Optional upgrade to 8 monostatic or 4 bistatic ports available
  • Operating Temp: -4 to +131 F
  • Flash 128MB; DRAM 128MB
  • Operating Environment: Linux
  • LLRP + RM Host Interface Protocol
  • .NET and C API Support  

The IP53 sealing rating and durable design allows the FX9500 to perform in high traffic areas and in the widely variable temperature ranges of the standard loading dock. Coming in either a 4- or 8-port model, it lets you cover more dock door portals or read points with fewer readers, saving you money per read point. Increased efficiency and accuracy are the key priorities for this rugged RFID reader.

The Zebra FX9500 is designed to be a rugged fixed RFID reader in industrial or logistics environments. The multiple ports make it easy to cover a large volume of products being moved in or out of a warehouse or other product storage facility, recording the data quickly and accurately. 

Task workers can use this for all business applications including:

  • Receiving RFID data
  • Transmitting RFID data
  • Recording and transmitting RFID data to centralized computer systems
  • Inventory Management
  • Tracking of products and materials
  • Logistics tracking

Your company relies on tracking your valuable assets and moving your sellable products. The faster you can receive, inventory, pick and ship - the more efficient and profitable your operation can be. Contact AbeTech to see if the Zebra FX9500 Fixed RFID Reader is the right choice for your company today!

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