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Any environment. Any application. Industrial PCs and touchscreen enclosures for the food and filling industries.


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Washdown and waterproof PCs and touchscreen enclosures that are durable, reliable, and upgradeable.

With over 7500 units sold, the ruggedness of our PCs provides you with the uptime and dependability you need in harsh environments.

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Use Cases

Applications and Use Cases:

  • Running Industrial Plant Floor Applications: more and more data is being collected on the plant floor. Our PCs are perfect for collecting data. 
  • Integrating with SPC Data Collection: our PCs connect to our scales and temperature probes or can integrate with your own hardware for Quality and SPC Data Collection.
  • Driving Labeling Applications: Our Washdown PCs integrate with labeling systems to drive applicators, desktop printers, and fixed or handheld scanning solutions. 
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Solution Benefits

Our PC or yours!

  • With over 7500 units sold, the ruggedness of our PCs provides you with the uptime and dependability you need in harsh environments.
  • Washdown keyboards and scanners can be easily integrated to any of our PCs for enhanced data entry.
  • Washdown wireless keeps solid Wi-Fi connections while protecting components.
  • Our PCs can also communicate on a 2.4 GHz Zigbee-based mesh network when Wi-Fi isn’t available.
  • We manufacture mounts/carts/tables and other mounting brackets for every model to increase productivity in unique workflows and use cases.
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Features and Capabilities

  • Gasketless washdown touchscreens. No gaskets for water to leak through.
  • Washdown Wi-Fi included. Supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 2.4 MHz. Zigbee protocols.
  • 24+ different models with 7 different screen sizes and resolutions are available.
  • Protect our PC’s or yours! Our washdown touchscreen enclosures are perfect for your thin clients and your industrial or desktop PCs.



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Perfect Fit For:

Industries and Applications

  • Protein Plants
  • Bakeries
  • Beverage Fillers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
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