AbeTech customizes and integrates advanced pallet scanning systems that streamline pallet handling and scanning, reduce costs, and enhance traceability in logistics and manufacturing environments.


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Leverage next-gen pallet scanning technology to optimize your warehouse management. 

AbeTech's pallet scanning solutions are built using multiple state-of-the-art fixed-mount barcode readers or vision cameras that efficiently capture data from multiple barcode labels across various pallet configurations. Designed to operate in high-demand situations, the systems ensure that all pallet-related data is accurately captured and integrated into warehouse management systems (WMS) with minimal human intervention.

Reduce individual scan times from minutes to seconds 

Automate your pallet scanning process to minimize time-consuming manual handling. With advanced pallet scanning systems, you can experience significant efficiency gains and faster turnaround times, making your warehouse operations more agile and productive.

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Experience read rates up to 99.9% in ideal conditions 

Avoid costly inventory discrepancies, shipping errors, and production delays while maintaining compliance and safeguarding your brand’s reputation. The use of advanced imaging technology ensures that your system consistently achieves high read rates and improves the accuracy of inventory tracking and order fulfillment.


"AbeTech's Pallet Scanning System enhanced our compliance tracking and operational efficiency. Its quick integration and accurate scanning have notably streamlined our warehouse operations."


Achieve superior traceability across your supply chain

With an advanced pallet scanning system, you can accurately capture and log pallet label information to ensure compliance and enhance quality control. This benefit is especially important in industries like food and beverage and pharmaceuticals, where traceability is a regulatory requirement.

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Optimize costs without compromising on performance

Experience the performance benefits of more complex machine vision systems at a more accessible price point. The cost-effectiveness of our pallet scanning solutions is further enhanced by low maintenance needs and the ability to replace multiple older scanners.


Features designed with your business needs in mind


Multi-barcode reading

Our solutions are capable of capturing and decoding several barcodes at once, even from different angles, ensuring comprehensive data capture on each pallet.


High-speed image capture

Utilizing advanced imaging and processing technology to handle high-speed movements, our solutions are particularly ideal for stretch wrappers where pallets need to be processed efficiently.


Advanced optical systems

We integrate solutions that incorporate cutting-edge optical systems capable of decoding the most damaged or obscured labels, maintaining accuracy in challenging conditions.


Adaptive scanning technology

The systems automatically adjust to various barcode qualities and environmental conditions to maintain high accuracy, ensuring reliable reads no matter the conditions.


No moving parts

The systems offer a low-maintenance and highly reliable solution, reducing the frequency and costs associated with repairs and downtime. Ideal for settings where continuous operation is critical.


Large field of view with ultra-wide FOV and ultra-long DOF

An exceptionally wide field of view and long depth of field can scan a large scan area and multiple barcodes with a single device from greater distances. 


Where AbeTech meets your labeling needs

  • Quality assurance: Ensuring all boxes on a pallet match shipping and receiving documentation.
  • Real-time inventory updates: Facilitating real-time updates to inventory as pallets are processed, improving stock visibility and accuracy.
  • Lot and serial number validation: Validating that the lot numbers and serial numbers on items are correct as they are processed on the stretch wrapper.
  • Validating against expected lists: Confirming that all items on a pallet correspond to an expected list before they are shipped out.
  • Efficient Bulk Handling: Processing large volumes of products on pallets quickly and accurately.
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Why AbeTech?


Customized solution design 

Building an effective pallet scanning solution isn't as simple as assembling hardware. It requires engineers skilled in machine vision technology and advanced scanning systems—and even then, it’s still a challenge. AbeTech’s team has the expertise to design and implement a customized solution tailored to your specific needs.


Industry-leading read rates

Experience superior barcode read rates that far exceed traditional handheld scanners, ensuring rapid and reliable data capture. AbeTech's solutions leverage industry-leading technology to deliver near-perfect accuracy of up to 99.9%. 


Comprehensive data capture

Efficiently scan barcodes and capture essential photographic data for thorough documentation and verification. AbeTech’s solutions ensure robust traceability, supporting your compliance and quality control needs with precise and comprehensive data capture.

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Easy integration with existing systems

Seamlessly integrate our solutions with your current logistical and warehouse management systems. AbeTech ensures smooth data transfer and real-time updates, eliminating the need for extensive system overhauls and minimizing disruption to your operations.


Long-term scalability

Our scalable solutions grow with your business, supporting operations from small warehouses to extensive networks. With a modular design, easily upgrade from single-sided to multi-sided scanning, adapting to your evolving needs without significant reinvestment.


Exceptional Support and Maintenance Services

Benefit from our comprehensive support and maintenance services, ensuring your systems remain operational and effective. AbeTech minimizes downtime with prompt, expert assistance, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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Frequently asked questions

What is pallet scanning?

Pallet scanning involves using advanced barcode readers to quickly and accurately scan barcodes on pallets. This process helps manage inventory, track shipments, and streamline operations in warehouses and distribution centers.

How does pallet scanning improve warehouse efficiency?

By automating the scanning process, pallet scanning reduces labor-intensive manual efforts, minimizes errors, and speeds up the handling of incoming and outgoing goods, significantly enhancing overall warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Can the pallet scanning system read damaged or obscured barcodes?

Yes, our pallet scanning systems are equipped with advanced imaging technology capable of reading barcodes that are damaged, dirty, or partially obscured, ensuring high accuracy in all conditions.

Is the pallet scanning solution compatible with existing warehouse management systems (WMS)?

Absolutely, our pallet scanning solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with most existing WMS platforms, facilitating smooth data transfer and real-time updates without the need for extensive modifications.

What types of barcodes can the system scan?

Our systems are versatile and can scan a wide range of barcode types, including but not limited to UPC, Code 128, QR codes, and Data Matrix, covering the needs of various industries and products.

How is the data from pallet scanning used?

Data captured from pallet scanning is used to update inventory records, track product locations, assist in routing within the facility, and provide insights for forecasting and planning.

Can the pallet scanning system handle high volumes during peak times?

Yes, our systems are designed to handle high volumes of pallets during peak operational times, ensuring consistent performance even under intense workloads.

What training is required to operate the pallet scanning system?

Minimal training is required as our systems are designed with user-friendly interfaces. Comprehensive training sessions and support materials are provided to ensure your team can fully leverage the technology.

What maintenance is required for the pallet scanning system?

Regular maintenance schedules are minimal and primarily involve basic cleaning and software updates. Our service team is available to provide support and perform any necessary repairs or upgrades.