Extreme Networks Finalizes Acquisition of Zebra's WLAN Business

Extreme Networks Finalizes Acquisition of Zebra's WLAN Business

You most likely have heard that Extreme Networks acquired Zebra Technologies' wireless local area network (WLAN) business. We understand that you may have questions and/or concerns about this change, and that is why we are here. 

Throughout this publication, we will answer commonly asked questions regarding this hot topic, while emphasizing that it is truly business as usual until further notice. 

Q:    When did the acquisition occur?
A:    On September 14, 2016, Zebra entered into a definitive agreement with Extreme Networks in which Extreme agreed to acquire Zebra's WLAN business. The transaction was finalized on October 28, 2016.

Q:    Why did Zebra sell the WLAN business?
A:    Zebra's strategic vision is centered around Enterprise Asset Intelligence (EAI) solutions. Determining that the WLAN business was not aligned with their core EAI strategy, Zebra concluded they were no longer the best owners of the WLAN business. They decided the WLAN business was better positioned as part of a company with a more direct focus on networking. 

Q:    What does this transaction mean for AbeTech and Zebra WLAN clients?
A:    Zebra partners like AbeTech, and AbeTech's clients, will not see any changes to non-WLAN Zebra products, software and services after the acquisition. Partners representing Zebra WLAN will be encouraged to join the Extreme Partner Network. AbeTech is currently in the process of finalizing the Extreme partner agreement. 

Q:    What happens to the WLAN services I received from AbeTech, through Zebra?
A:    All existing WLAN services purchased through AbeTech from Zebra prior to the close of the acquisition will be transitioned to Extreme's responsibility; including professional, support and managed services. Zebra will, however, continue to provide sales support for low touch renewals through Service Source, for items quoted prior to close. This support will extend up to 90 days following close. 

Q:    Who should Zebra WLAN customers call for product support?
A:    Current customer support arrangements will remain the same until further notice. Of course, a phone call to AbeTech, or to your specific AbeTech account executive, is always the best course of action. We are always available to help, answer questions, and advise you on your particular situation. 

Although this sale may present changes, you can rest assured you have a reliable and stable partner in AbeTech. We will limit the impact to our clients as much as possible, and communicate pertinent information at the appropriate time. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your AbeTech account executive, or email us at staff@abetech.com


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