Simplify and streamline healthcare operations, leverage the latest technology solutions, and improve the lives of your patients.

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Healthcare Technology to Provide a Better Patient Experience

With constant new technology and innovations, the healthcare industry advances more quickly than any other industry. The ability to safely and securely care for patients has never been more critical. Mobile technology and the connected enterprise are expected to support healthcare workers so they can focus on where they are needed the most – improving the lives of patients.

Transform the way you approach your healthcare initiatives, from purpose-built devices to custom integrations. Leverage the latest technology with the patient in mind.

Intelligent solutions for healthcare.

Streamline Patient Identity Management

Automate patient records, medication, and specimen tracking with high-quality patient care solutions. Ensure your systems are integrated and your workers and medical devices are connected and monitored.

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Accessible Mobile Health Solutions

Mobile healthcare technology solutions keep you agile and efficient. Simplify the management of business-critical assets to simplify workflows and capture of healthcare data.

Leverage Locationing and Business Intelligence

Automate compliance, calibration, and safety checks for your most important medical devices. Data on device health and calibration status ensure you’re always providing optimal patient care and maintaining safety and compliance.


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