AbeTech Announces Remote Support and Management

Full-service technical support for your wireless enterprise.

We think it goes without saying that in today's world if your wireless network, or the devices utilizing the network, are not working, then you're not working. 
At AbeTech we understand how critical time becomes when you have to spend time to troubleshoot, on- or off-site.

Not only does this halt the productivity of your users, but for you as well. AbeTech Remote Management and Support (RMS) allows you to tackle these inconvenient, 
time sensitive and plain old annoying situations when they arise.

An RMS contract with AbeTech gets you access to a team of systems engineers that bring decades of experience and advanced expertise to take on the heavy lifting 
of remote device troubleshooting, backed by world-class monitoring and control tools.

It's reliable, full-service technical support from AbeTech that covers all of your wireless devices, regardless of manufacturer, network location or operating system. 
And it's a cost-effective approach that saves on labor, materials and travel expenses, too, when frequent support at multiple locations is the norm.

Get a lower total cost of ownership due to increased uptime, decreased support labor and overall system performance increases with an RMS contract.
RMS Contract Details: Monday—Friday 7:30 to 4:30 (CST) with live technician via phone and email with 4 hour response time through professional dispatch service.
Access to support documentation, issued diagnosis and escalation plan, service case history and reporting program for performance tracking.

Contact us today to find out how we could be remotely supporting your company's future!

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