Color Inkjet Printing Improves Efficiency, Protects Brand Identity for Apparel Manufacturer


The problem the apparel company was having pertained to retail workers having difficulty matching customer requests to the right SKU in the back of the store. This was reducing worker efficiency and increasing the wait time for customers. With a commitment to never compromise on quality, the apparel company knew the product labels they were using were not up to their standards. They needed a more efficient way to sort inventory at their retail stores while not sacrificing label durability and brand identity.

With our knowledge and experience, AbeTech was able to provide the answer: a new color inkjet label printer that lived up to the highest of company standards.


Although the apparel company had looked at color labeling options in the past, the costs were prohibitive and the print quality was not up to company standards. However, technology had advanced since the last time the company considered color inkjet printing. AbeTech suggested the Epson C7500 from Epson’s ColorWorks® line of color inkjet printers. After an onsite demo, the company couldn’t believe it: this was a color inkjet printer that was on par with other industrial grade black and white printing options.

Their old printers were printing 200 dots per inch (dpi), black and white only labels at four inches per second. When switching to the C7500, the time from hitting print on the PC to printing the first label is now a snappy 11 seconds with print definition at 1200 dpi! Plus they had their choice between glossy, semi-gloss, or matte finish labels.

AbeTech also assisted in calculating the price per label, and when paired with the ability to buy large volume inks to save on shipping, the price per label came out less than before. AbeTech then set up the company with a blanket order of labels directly from AbeTech so their labels are always ready to ship right from our Minnesota warehouse. Another price saving feature: the C7500 has a lifetime warranty on the print head and since there is no contact made with the label, wear and tear are significantly reduced.


With the new Epson C7500 color inkjet printers in place, high speed color labels can now be printed on-demand and the labels are printed with brilliant, accurate color. Retail workers have instant visibility into the style of the product because color pictures of each style of shoe are now printed on the label. They can match customer requests to the correct SKU much faster than before.

Maintenance on the printers is also significantly less frequent due to the lack of moving parts in the printer, and color inks last ten times as long when compared to other color options. This means less downtime for maintenance and ink replacement. If the company
does need on-site repairs, Epson provides on-site repair service and a lifetime warranty on the print head.

The company is thrilled AbeTech suggested taking another look at color inkjet options.
• The marketing department loves the protection of brand identity.
• Warehouse workers are pleased with how fast labels print.
• Retail workers are able to find SKUs more quickly.
• Customer satisfaction is increasing.

AbeTech helped this apparel company keep their commitment to uncompromised quality by switching to color inkjet printers from Epson. If you’d like more information on color inkjet printing options and labels from AbeTech, reach out to an AbeTech representative today.