AbeTech Helps Contract Manufacturer of Food Company Meet Regulatory Compliance Mandate


A contract manufacturer (‘co-packer’) of a major food company came to AbeTech with a regulatory compliance mandate regarding validation of 2D bar codes on product packaging. To ensure quality and minimize risk, the food company required all co-packers to install a recognition/checking device for 2D bar codes with the ability to stop the line on mis-read or non-read bar codes.

Avoiding down-time that would cut into profits was extremely important to the co-packer. A lengthy install would stop their production lines and mean thousands of dollars in wasted profits. They needed a solution that was quick- to-install and easy-to-configure and included all the required vision systems and line controls.

We had just the answer: AbeTech’s plug-and- play Tevia 230 Auto Identification System equipped with Dataman readers from Cognex.


The co-packer had considered custom solutions from other hardware integrators, but with custom solutions, integration of hardware can be difficult. Install time and hardware lead times are lengthy.

This is why the Tevia Auto Identification System was such a relief. The Tevia is less expensive  than custom solutions and flexible enough to meet complex 2D bar code verification needs. It truly is an all-in- one, plug-and-play option. The Tevia acts as the controller for not only the line, but also for all the cameras in the vision system that perform 2D bar code and label verification.

AbeTech has a long relationship with Cognex and decided the Dataman 300 series would be the best way for the co-packer to meet the food company’s compliance requirements.

This is because of the Dataman’s fast response times and accuracy. Two to four cameras would be needed for each line controlled by the Tevia. AbeTech came on-site to install the Tevia 230 and the Cognex Dataman readers. The Cognex readers were simply plugged in to the system and were ready to verify 2D bar codes.

The food manufacturer loved the ease of deployment the Tevia provided.

Another part of the requirement from the food company was the ability to stop the line and redirect product that did not pass 2D bar code validation. AbeTech’s experienced engineers installed a reject mechanism on each line in the plant. When a product passing under the Cognex imager doesn’t match the pre-set master, the line is stopped or the product is removed from the line and pushed to a separate line for inspection.

All required options were pre- configured, so the installation took less than a day. Only one line in the plant was required to be down at a time, so continuous production was possible even during installation.


Since the time of installation, the co- packer has had no issues with their new Tevia system and Cognex readers. All it took was a four hour install per line, and the line was back up and running as smooth as ever. They loved the intuitive seven inch display of the Tevia and how  all workers need is a brief tutorial to operate the system.

The co-packer can now continue their relationship with the food company and remain in good standing with their regulatory compliance mandate.

As a premium integrator, AbeTech had exactly the equipment needed to meet the food manufacturer’s regulatory compliance mandate. Our engineers designed the Tevia to quickly and simply meet unique 2D bar code and label verification requirements. If there is ever an issue, our in-house support staff is just a call away.

Got bar code or label verification and validation needs? Choose a solution that’s off-the-shelf and ready-to-roll. Contact AbeTech today to get started.