AbeTech Helps Manufacturer Collect Data across the Globe

A provider of products and materials used in advanced, high-technology manufacturing needed to develop custom mobile data collection screens for SAP, including bar code inventory transactions for warehouses and 3PLs. This provider was trying to develop from the ground up applications that would integrate within SAP. The situation was further complicated because some warehouses were overseas, creating the need for applications that could run on one system across the globe.

The provider was not familiar with the bar coding or data collection industry and did not have a partner who could educate them on best practices. The Director of IT Applications had worked with AbeTech previously and decided to contact AbeTech to help with the process of integrating systems. In addition, the provider was struggling to select hardware and was unsuccessfully attempting to configure applications on tablets, phones and more.

AbeTech had experience with bar code and SAP, and suggested Telnet as a mobile interface for executing SAP transactions. Telnet would eliminate the need to develop a custom mobile interface for a specific hardware device or OS, and allow them to focus on developing their transactions in SAP.  Initially, they had reservations about using Telnet. They had used Telnet in wireless environments in other areas of business, and they found it to be problematic due to the fact that Telnet requires a constant connection.
AbeTech then introduced StayLinked as a solution to the Telnet concerns. This allowed the provider to focus on SAP development rather than worrying about mobile platform development, freeing up time to focus on SAP development transactions. This saved time and resources that had been allocated to platform development, and were provided superior hardware options. To complete the solution, AbeTech helped the provider select the Motorola 3190 running StayLinked software.

The provider recognized the challenges presented by multiple locations—including some overseas. It would be difficult to choose, support and manage a singular system. With AbeTech’s managed services expertise, they were able to select, configure, deploy and manage all of the devices successfully.
The provider has spent very little time on hardware and software development. StayLinked helped to minimize the amount of application development time, and managed services solutions greatly reduced the amount of time spent on deploying, managing and supporting the devices. Once again, AbeTech was able to provide a custom end-to-end solution that met the specific needs of its customer and helped the customer achieve its goals.