AbeTech Celebrates 30 Years of Service!


Thirty years ago, a young entrepreneur had a vision to create a business that celebrates people and culture; delivers trust and excellence to clients; and contributes generously to its community. AbeTech was rooted in the principles of Abraham Lincoln and a forward-focused, infinite mindset. Today we celebrate our 30-Year milestone to honor the people, clients, and partners of AbeTech.

From our founder, Steve Schmidt: “The premise of our business is based on basic principles. We started with the simple concept that if we hire the very best people and those folks are happy and treated well, we will stick together as a workplace family for long term. If we stay together, we can offer more knowledge and services to our clients and if we do that, our clients will appreciate us and keep coming back for more. But this is more than just business, and we lean on our strong foundation and dedicated team to give back to our community and inspire others to live the truly unique gift of the American Dream. AbeTech is simply a platform that enables people, clients, and partners to lean on each other to create mutual success.”

As we celebrate our 30-Year milestone, we honor the people and organizations that support us:

We honor our PEOPLE – our employees and their families – as the most important aspect of our business. We strive to create a fulfilling environment where employees can showcase their superpowers. More importantly, we believe our greatest achievements are experienced through each team member achieving their dreams of fulfillment – both personally and professionally.

We honor our CLIENTS – the people who place their trust in us – as we dedicate ourselves to being a trusted advisor that delivers excellence. With every inquiry and every order, we recognize that our clients are choosing AbeTech to provide consistent and reliable outcomes. Many clients have been with AbeTech for decades and others are just getting started with us. We cherish every opportunity to engage and serve.

We honor our PARTNERS & ADVISORS – regarding you as an extension of our team – as we rely on each other to operate as a united business collaborative. True partnerships create mutual success and a powerful synergy that scales way beyond individual effort. Our suppliers, Board of Advisors, consultants, mentors, and service providers are all part of the AbeTech team. We are proud to work with so many companies that share a unified value system.

We honor our COMMUNITIES & CHARITIES – working to inspire goodness in the world – as we pursue a calling that goes beyond business. Whatever contributions we make individually to a cause is small in comparison to the massive impact we can make collectively. AbeTech has instilled a philanthropic mindset, extending support to our community, our team members, and organizations world-wide.

Thank you to everyone that has supported AbeTech during the first thirty years of our journey. We are just getting started! The journey ahead provides unlimited potential as we remain anchored in the core principles that have guided us to where we are to today. One team… yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Chris Heim

President & CEO

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