AbeTech and WhiteLight Group Team Up

Addressing challenges pertaining to paper records through automation and real-time data capture is not a simple task, however, when WhiteLight Group partnered with AbeTech on a mobility project for a major manufacturer, these issues were swiftly resolved!

Today as industries move away from physical records and manual data entry, they are embracing digital connectivity with modern mobile business applications to truly alter how their organizations think and operate. ERP (enterprise resource planning) upgrades are at the core of enterprises moving toward paperless processes and the ROI of digitizing has proven powerful. As a leader in the ERP space, JD Edwards recognizes and embraces mobility, which is a key factor behind its success.

When the manufacturing client approached WhiteLight Group about their issues and a potential project, WhiteLight Group first discussed the problems the client faced and assessed the areas where they wished  to  find improvements. The manufacturer was buried in paperwork, maintaining data in non-ERP systems (Excel and Access), dealing with all sorts of data inaccuracies across all departments and falling behind in productivity. There was no way to track labor time or job distribution among workers, leading to cost inefficiencies on the final product.

WhiteLight Group decided to collaborate with AbeTech to establish an infrastructure that could support hundreds of devices. WhiteLight Group used their JD Edwards expertise to upgrade the client's ERP, which acts as a central hub for data and applications. To date, JD Edwards has delivered 84 mobile applications including apps for field service, maintenance, project management, supply chain, and health and safety incident management. These customizable smartphone and tablet apps help businesses find new ways to create operational efficiencies.

RFgen's data collection software was the next solution to be implemented, in order to communicate with the devices supplied by AbeTech and route everything back through JD Edwards in one streamlined process. In addition, WhiteLight and AbeTech assessed and updated the media barcode labeling process, which was a tremendous challenge due to the variety of conditions in which the labels were being used.
 As a result, the client has been able to mobilize their workforce, create an automated environment and capture real-time data for quick decision-making.

For the manufacturer, ERP centralization has yielded clear wins where employees can now access a single version of truth and streamline their workflow through automated processes and alerts—and executives can begin to gain insights from this central repository of data. From our experience, employees are excited when work is easier, quicker and more accurate. No one wants to fill out paper on the shop floor anymore when voice command and RFID technologies are allowing them to work hands-free. Field workers no longer have to drive around locating physical equipment across various plants because they can access equipment location tags online.

Going mobile requires team commitment, a lot of process redesign and a stellar internal communication plan. This project began with a bottom-up approach to develop a mobile application that could digitize processes for shop-floor workers, field sales people, technicians and so on. Working from the ground up is a best practice for streamlining company processes and realizing ROI from going mobile.

"It's best to map out change from the start. Taking care of IT change management behind the scenes will make a difference during critical moments of resistance," said WhiteLight Group Partner Paul Demes. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

The partnership and teamwork WhiteLight Group and AbeTech enjoyed while assisting this client was beneficial for both companies. WhiteLight Group has stated that AbeTech is an awesome partner because their customer experience is a major differentiator and competitive advantage. These two qualities are truly what make AbeTech a number one pick!

WhiteLight Group is a business applications firm that provides strategy, enterprise architecture, implementation, and managed services across Customer Experience, ERP, and Innovation such as mobility, cloud, and Internet of things (IoT). WhiteLight Group is a Certified Oracle Reseller and Systems Integrator for several Oracle products, including JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World, and Oracle Business Intelligence. WhiteLight Group assists organizations with simplifying, standardizing and optimizing ERP business processes in the areas of manufacturing and distribution, consumer goods, asset intensive projects.


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