Zebra ZT600 Series Industrial Printer Replacement Guide


If you’re currently using one of Zebra’s Xi4 line of printers, there’s a new all-star on the roster you should be aware of: the ZT600 series. The ZT600 series has it all: advanced intelligence and technology with industrial construction and reliability all in a user-friendly, future-ready platform. So what does this mean for Xi4 series owners? Read on to find out.

Build quality you can trust

One of the reasons our clients loved the Xi4 line of industrial label printers was due to the all-metal construction. This feature is carried through to the new ZT600 line of printers. You get the same reliability with 24/7 operation, years of durability even in the harshest environments and Zebra’s high quality internal components that work across a wide range of applications.

Link OS ready

Link OS is Zebra’s cloud-based software platform that gives you total visibility and control. The ZT series of printers are equipped with Link OS so you can control your printer from anywhere, get instant access to firmware updates and manage multiple printers all through the cloud. For advanced users there is even a Multiplatform Software Development Kit to create custom apps. With Zebra’s Link OS you will always be on the cutting edge with the latest features.

Next generation feature set


The ZT line is no incremental upgrade… the feature set is truly impressive. Take a look at the list next generation features:
-600 dpi print definition
-Max print speed: 14 lps
-Easy to adjust print head pressure toggles
-Side loading capabilities for easy threading
-Color illuminated guidance paths
-Intuitive color LCD screens
-Easier label and ribbon loading
-Serial, USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0
-Optional: Parallel port, 802.11a/c, IPv6, Bluetooth LE
All the newest features and connectivity options are here. On top of these new features, the ZT610 and ZT620 will be fully backwards compatible with all Xi series printers.

Upgrade path


The ZT610 features a 4 inch and ZT620 sports a 6 inch print width. Those upgrading from the 140Xi4 for 5 inch print widths should opt for the ZT620.  If you’re currently using the Zebra 220Xi4 for its 8.5” print width, it is recommended to stay with that model as there is no direct replacement, and Zebra will continue selling this model.

AbeTech can help you transition from the Xi4 line to the new ZT line of printers. Reach out to a label specialist at AbeTech and experience a ZT600 series industrial label printer from Zebra.

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