Zebra WiNG Express WLAN OS


Zebra WiNG Express WLAN OS by Zebra Technologies provides big networking capabilities for small business.  Small to medium-sized businesses often have the same wireless networking needs of large businesses. Workers need connectivity that is available around-the-clock with maximum efficiency and unsurpassed security. And you need tools to monitor, manage and troubleshoot your network and all of its connected devices. But without the big budget and dedicated IT department needed for high-powered WLAN functionality, what can smaller businesses do? Zebra WiNG Express enterprise-class wireless networking solution just might be the perfect solution for you.

WiNG Express is Zebras’ powerful enterprise-class WLAN operating systems wrapped in an easy-to-use and understand graphical user interface that makes end-to-end WLAN management easy for smaller business with no formal IT department.  WiNG Express offers a competitive price with the same advanced power as the enterprise-class WiNG 5 WLAN operating system. It creates a “fully network aware” WLAN, where all of your WLAN infrastructure has the intelligence required to work together to route every transmission as efficiently as possible, with unsurpassed wireless performance.

WiNG Express allows your users to enjoy all of the benefits of high-performance wireless connectivity with pricing that is perfect or smaller scale deployments—from 1 to 1,024 access points. It also offers flexible deployment options so you can create the solution that is just right for your business. The system lets us create the configurations for you and your network will be up and running in minutes. We also give you powerful analytics on all your access points, all the mobile devices connected to your WLAN and more, using easy-to-understand screens that make it easy. And when your business grows, WiNG Express grows with you. WiNG Express easily scales to support new business needs and a growing workforce. Best of all, WiNG offers an attractive price point for small to mid-sized businesses without compromising on functionality. Talk to AbeTech about WiNG Express for your business. It puts the power of WiNG in the hands of your growing business.

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