Xplore Technologies Bobcat

As the latest offering form Xplore Technologies’ line of rugged tablets, the Bobcat stands out as one of the most capable Windows tablets available today. With a stylish and sleek design, the Bobcat boasts the most comprehensive standardized interface with expansive options, all in a versatile, slim and lightweight tablet. The Bobcat stands among the best of the best, and rates as one of the most rugged tablets in its class. It features a five-foot drop rating, and its core assembly features a lightweight magnesium alloy mid-frame in an ultra-portable form for ultimate reliability.

Powered by the latest Intel Quad Core 1.9 Ghz Processor, the Bobcat offers an entire suite of enterprise tools for almost every application. In addition, the Bobcat is built with flexible features such as standard I/O features, integrated options for CAC, NFC and 1D/2D scanning capabilities. Real-time data is accessible through a multi-modal communication suite including 4G LTE, allowing for uninterrupted communication.

The Xplore Bobcat also includes a full shift hot-swappable battery that lasts up to fourteen hours, maximizing time while boosting productivity. The multi-touch display allows for continuous transition from indoor to outdoor use, and accessories such as carrying straps, handles and mobile docking stations make this tablet ideal for vehicle and handheld applications.

The Bobcat is optimized for a full Windows operating system, allowing for the smooth integration of legacy software. This is a reliable product with a long and stable life cycle. Other features include:

  • Extended battery life, which gives workers a full shift of battery life, reduced downtime and increases productivity.
  • A brilliant, multi-touch display that is visible outdoors, allowing for immaculate viewing capabilities regardless of the conditions.
  • The ability to withstand five-foot drops to concrete, as well as IP65 rated protection from dust and liquids.

If you want the latest in rugged technology as well as a lower total cost of ownership, consider purchasing the Xplore Bobcat today. Visit our website to learn more or contact us at 800.478.8644.

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