Without anti-theft features, your smart device is easy prey

I admit it. I adore my smartphone—and I’m hardly alone. But there’s an ugly side to this wonderful device’s huge popularity. Theft.

Did you know smartphone theft is among the top three crimes committed nationwide? Some folks are calling it a global epidemic. And the act of stealing an iPhone has a nifty nickname: Apple picking.

Thankfully, Apple’s new iOS 7 has an activation lock feature, which won’t allow an “Apple picker” to erase or reset the device without an Apple ID. Samsung has a similar feature from Absolute Software that thwarts those nasty crooks, as well.

If you’re using smartphones for light enterprise work, be sure to activate these anti-theft features.

For rugged devices, we recommend SOTI’s tools for remote wipe and lockdown. SOTI Inc. is the world’s leading provider of security solutions and mobile device management. One of its best-selling products is SOTI MobiControl, which offers robust security, in addition to centralized control, instantaneous support, and enhanced tracking over any network. For more details, take a peek at this PDF on SOTI MobiControl.

What else can we do to discourage smartphone-swiping scoundrels? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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